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The requirements of the design of cold storage

Cold storage is known to be a warehouse has temperature conditioning function, similar to the fridge but are fitted with a much larger area with modern industrial compressors. To be able to put cold to use smoothly then cold storage must be designed, plan the installation carefully, thoroughly.

Demand for cold storage design and installation of cold storage

At present, the demand for cold storage design in the industry, biology, chemistry, became increasingly popular. The design of refrigeration system and put to use will help the goods and products, particularly food is preserved for longer with no quality.

In addition, the refrigeration system design and installation also is the base for storage of items such as agricultural products, fisheries, seeds, blood, milk, fruit juice, frozen food.

The benefits due to the cold storage brings

The proper temperature.

Cost savings in installation and use than the refrigerator

Save electricity

Highest queue.

Here to remove a bad hygiene.

Stored the goods in bulk

Preserved are in long time.

Requirements of cold storage design

Cold storage was built in high places, no standing water or flooded, convenient transportation, far from pollution sources have enough stable power supply guarantee for production;

Have enough water resources to meet the requirements of hygiene according to the regulations of the Ministry of health.

And ground texture

There are wide enough ground outside and inside, the layout is convenient for receiving, unloading, shipping product, avoid potentially cross-contamination of the product; Cold storage, high background 0.8-1.4 m above the ground around the depot, the minimum width of the buffer room is 5 m

Walled separates between the base with the outside

Thiet ke linen warehouse must have solid structures, dilapidated condemned not covered, be good insulation;

The ceiling and walls of cold storage, and replacement packaging, packing again (if any) is made of durable, non toxic, no rust, no corrosion, not good insulation; has a smooth surface, the light color; is made easy for cleaning, disinfection;

Background of cold storage rooms, packaging, repackaging (if available) to ensure flat, load-resistant, non-slip

The door of the cold, is made of durable, non toxic, no rust, not good insulation, has smooth surface, is easy for cleaning, disinfection; When closed must ensure the sealed; cover plates in cold storage doors made of suitable materials

Cold storage was designed so that when the ice, water discharge from the cold storage warehouse on the ceiling, truss, the warehouse was flowing off out

Padded room, loading and unloading area must be designed, convenient structure guarantees preventing, limiting the steam and hot gases into cold storage, limiting temperature fluctuations when loading and unloading

The room instead of labor protection, the toilet is designed tailored layout, ensure safety and hygiene

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Cold storage design

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