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Small tips to help save energy when using automatic

The summer is hot time of the year, dragged by it’s use needs cooling conditioner in families, offices, factories … inflated. This also means that the amount you have to pay for the amount of power consumption is also very large.

To help minimize the amount of power is consumed, here we give you a few tips to help you use the air conditioner really effective in the upcoming summer days.

1. Use suitable conditioner capacity

To be able to determine exactly where is the


consistent with the needs, the user first needs to have measures an area of the room will install. Users should select the harmonic capacity too large because it will be very expensive electricity, conversely the capacity is too small, it will not meet the cooling requirements. According to the standard calculations of experts, just 2 m ², the harmonic capacity meet is 1,000 BTU. This means that with the room has an area of 9-18 m ², users can air-condition 9000 BTU/h capacity, area in about 15-24 m ² need air 12,000 BTU/h or 24 area-35 m ² need select the type of 24,000 BTU …

2. Location of installation of automatic

When fitted, the user do not air-condition in the hot position because it will make your work more, i.e. more power cost. What direction should the installation is usually the East or North side of the House-the least sunlight shining directly over. In addition, users should also not fitting hot rig next to the heat source, waste smoke by it will affect the process of the air filter, causing power during use.

3. Should use the same conditioner fan

Fans will help the flow of cold air to flow better, spread over the entire area. By so when combining the same conditioner

exhaust fan

, the user does not have to turn on the air conditioner at temperatures too low which can still feel cool winds from this device brings.

4. Maintenance, hygiene and conditioner periodically

Maintenance, hygiene and conditioner periodically will help remove dirt clinging to be back in the wind rotor, air filter. With this job, can lose up to 15% of the capacity of air operations, help users save an enormous amount of power.


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