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Tip Use the aircondition was thousands of people share

Summer in Vietnam are often very hot, causing many people to turn on the air conditioner at night to sleep. Thus, power consumption this time spike. She Sue Evison from Australia telling us a little tip when using the air conditioner, the cooling medium, room saver.

Use conditioner in wet-Dry except mode. (Photo: I. T)

She Sue Evison says, one day you come to the customers and have discovered other cool slightly strange. Her curiosity should have asked our guest, how to create a cool vapor? The customer has to share her a very simple method. It is used to control the cold mode switching from “Cool” (cold, the image indicates the Snowflake “mode to” Dry “(except for the humidity, the image represents is water drops) is can help the room was so cool. Guests also say, this not only help cool room but also very energy saving. Results are for the athletic facilities with the election!

Just switch to the Cool mode Dry mode. (Photo: I. T)

She Sue Evison after hearing the news half still half done. Arriving at the House, she tried to transfer mode from Cool to Dry and slightly magical, really cool Ah. Just turn


and such a mode switch, switch to cool the room as cool compartments of refrigerators, all furniture in the room are all very cool. More importantly, it made no room temperature too low of 23 degrees. With this mode, the power consumption of conditioner will decrease 10 times, because, except for the humidity is bringing the humidity of the room down.

Form except the humidity is like?

When the level of moist air in the room is high, the room’s heat level is also high. When using except the humidity is like operating a fan in low mode, the compressor system has helped the process. Cooling system also operated the periodic interruption to hold stable temperature and lowering the heat. The operation in a manner like circulation, just keep the temperature cool, just take away the moisture.

The temperature of the room always maintain stability and large amounts of moist air is taken away. (Photo: I. T)

In the cooling system (Cool), the air cooled with air must operate with high speed, rapid room temperature down to low heat. Thus, this process makes the system consumes a lot of electricity. As if choosing the form except the humidity (Dry), cooling system together with

fan ventilation system

always maintain the humidity at 60%. Consequently, operations in this way will help air conditioners saving electricity. The experts also recommended that, should the temperature difference between the best in outdoor and room is about 5 to 6 degrees. The outdoor temperature is 32 degrees, you should control the temperature of the cooling air conditioner about 26-28 degrees. Doing so will help your body adapt immediately to be with the heat outdoors. If the temperature difference is too large, it will create additional burden to endure for the body. When must often go back and forth between the two regions in such heat, it will affect the health of humans.

When the temperature difference is too large will affect health. (Photo: I. T)

Use this control system has good points?

-Heat the humidity in the room is quite low

-Maintain moderately cool, will not be too cold or too hot

-Relatively save electricity

-Does not cause harm to the body

If you really believe, you can try resetting the control mode automatic in his home to test.


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