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Aircondition, fridge Inverter saves how much money?

Many users preferred aircondition, fridge Inverter technology for power-saving capabilities. But not many people know the refrigerator,


Inverter can save how many compared with conditioner and fridge.

Refrigerator and air-conditioning are the two appliances have a frequency, duration of use and consumption of electric power, the largest in the family. Especially in hot sunny weather as high current, inverters Inverter technology are incorporated in the model refrigerator, conditioner will help life saving relative monthly electricity bills.

Why the technology Inverter power saving again?

Illustration of the level of power consumption of the refrigerator Inverter and refrigerator. Photo: Internet

Compressors (block) of refrigerators and conditioners usually will stop running when cold enough and restart when the temperature increases. The boot process and compensate this loss will have a spend more energy than usual, prompting the Cabinet must operate with high power continuously to quickly compensate for lost heat. The principle of operation mechanism on/off depending on the temperature inside the refrigerator and conditioning also usually large power consumption.

The air-conditioning and refrigerator Inverter is made and a completely different principle than the devices do not use the Inverter. The compressor uses inverter technology Inverter has several levels of operation. When the refrigerator has more new food intake or the temperature inside the Cabinet being inflated, Inverter technology will allow rotation of the compressor adjusts to maintain temperature rather than run from the beginning as a refrigerator. So also with the automatic Inverter, block will maintain ongoing activities to maintain the room temperature with the temperature settings.

So, when it achieved the necessary level of conditioning, the Inverter compressor will maintain a continuous optimal performance levels. So, can maintain a temperature stable and continuous way, do not suffer from wear and energy costs for restarting the compressor and compensate the temperature was lost. That’s why a refrigerator or air conditioner Inverter power savings over conventional devices.

Inverter technology saves how much?

The manufacturers usually advertise, Inverter technology can help the refrigerator, air-conditioning savings from 30-50% of power consumption compared to conventional air conditioning and refrigerator. But the user should know which is in ideal conditions.

In fact, in terms of capacity, the conditioner does not use the Inverter on the market today are usually 850-power consumption 1100W for an air conditioner 9000BTU. Meanwhile, have the same cooling capacity to use technology Inverter on the market have a capacity of 700-850 W power consumption. As such, the air conditioner will often burned the family’s 1.2-1.5 you phone after 1 hour of use. Meanwhile, the air-conditioning Inverter will consume the power number 0.85-0.7 after 1 hour of use.

The calculation is similar to the refrigerator. The usual fridge lines with about 300 liters capacity with 120-150W/h with the normal operating conditions, a day consumed about 1.2 number and off about 40 number/1 month. Will consumption as high when the refrigerator capacity increase. Meanwhile, the same Inverter refrigerator line consumption capacity 80-100W/h. The meaning is in the ideal conditions of use (as when the room temperature varying levels of 25-27 degrees C), freezer has the same volume as on will only consume about 20-25 runs out of power.

The experts said the level of power consumption of conditioner and fridge Inverter as possible be made clearer when time use increased, especially in the automatic Inverter. If the time used on 8 hours per day, automatic Inverter will tidy your money savings for your family than the aircondition does not use the Inverter.

Source: ictnews

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