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How to select automatic for the hot day

 Summer is the time of the air-conditioning market is “hot” for when that user needs on an increase. The air conditioner was considered modern, comfortable equipment “relief” in the hot, sunny summer days oi. But to choose to be an automatic, saving power consumption, just good for health but reasonable prices consistent with the needs of each family shall not know. The following article will share how the choice of conditioners in the hot day!

The intense sunshine of summer always makes people feel uncomfortable with it is the pressure of work, the summer season is the obsession of every person. So use conditioner is the optimal solution in the home or the Office, schools do dissipate the sweltering heat in the hot summer days. As well as any products are the choice of buying automatic for every family needs the advice guide on how to use stars for correctly and achieve best efficiency.

1. Select the brand prestige conditioner

Air conditioner market is very diverse with the brand, type air conditioners (one-way or two-way). If you do not know the details of the air conditioner is good for you to go to the electronics store, the

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the prestige and the choice of the brand air conditioners have clearly the source, to avoid poor quality goods to buy. So, you should be aware of and carefully selected.

Currently, there are many types of air conditioner as: Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Daikin … But when choosing the brand should find out clearly the origin production place, by now the well-known brands are produced, assembled in many different countries (Vietnam, China, Malaysia.)

2. You should choose the inverter air conditioner (conditioner inverter)


The current air conditioner has 2 lines is the conventional and inverter machines. Air is normally closed type compressor break-OFF, when cold-productivity and adjust the room temperature. Your inverter is kind of new, modern machines, adjust the room temperature by changing the compressor crankshaft rotation. Thanks to how to adjust this and thanks to replace AC motors by DC motor, pipes, mao by electronic throttle … so power can reduce to 50% compared to conventional machines. With functions of inverter air conditioner then the cost is also higher compared to conventional machines.

3. Select the appropriate capacity to an area of the room


Based on the area of the room needs

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you choose the appropriate capacity to save energy and use effectively in the hot season. For example: you have a small area you should select the type of low-capacity chemistry thing, you consider the following formula: 1m2 corresponding to 500 BTU, just so that multiply.

4. Set up automatic quality above all else

The psychology of users always want to choose the products with good quality, nice design, reasonable price. However, until the same shall review “of money”, harmonic quality will correspond to the amount of money that we spend. So, people should not have to buy the cheap ham air conditioners in poor quality, affect health as well as high durability and dissipates more power use. Therefore, when

Harmonic options

consumers should be aware, be careful, always put quality first.


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