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How to install air conditioners, reasonable

Installation of air conditioners is not the right thing for so many people. So, if you want to manually install successfully reconcile at home, you need to have certain insights about refrigeration and installation to the air conditioning works well capacity, save power.

1. Mounting position the cold Bureau

• Position the air are easy to manipulate. If the installation position is difficult, you need to equip yourself with protective clothing, scaffolding and rope.

• Insert the Department’s cold walls and balance, ensuring the Department’s cold from being rocked or move.

• Gas Flow out and on unencumbered to gas can merge all around the room.

• Mounting position the cold Bureau does not have the sun shining directly into the.

• Insert the cold Bureau in place can connect with hot outside easily.

• Insert the Department where there is cold water drainage pipe can be installed easily. The plate filter can be removed for ease of maintenance and clean the toilets.

• Drainage Lines in cold Bureau is steep.

2. The mounting position of the hot Bureau

• Avoid heat exposure Bureau to the sunlight shining directly on. At the same time, do not insert the Department where there is a strong wind blowing hot or dust bin.

• Put hot in that airy Bureau and the gap between the wall surround with 2 gable and behind the fin must be ≥ 30 cm.

• Should not insert hot Bureau direct ground

• The distance to the opposite wall with Bureau ≥ 60 cm

• When hot Bureau operations can cause noise, so the need for installation does not affect to the environment around them.

3. The gas pipeline and note the power source

• Do not insert the gas pipe is too short, too long. With air 9000 Btu capacity and, 12000 Btu gas pipe not too long: 15 m, the machine has a capacity of 18000 Btu 24000 Btu: 2000 Btu, and gas pipe not too long more than 20 m.

• Sanitary gas pipeline before mounting.

• Always ensure the voltage stability

• Your own feed for each machine, do not use the common power and MCCB.

4. Trials

After you have

installation of air conditioners

as the requirements as above. The next step is you have to operate the trials it has normal operation and not standard.

• Check to see if water discharge the water in cold flow rigs out or not, if there is water flowing in pipes for drainage is normal, functioning machine.

• Check the hot and cold truss truss view operates smoothly or not. If the quieter news is working normally.

• Use an ammeter to measure clock stability of electric current.

• Use pressure gauges to measure the pressure at the top of the hot rig according to standard rules.

If what happens please contact center for warranty or repair air conditioners. One of the construction, installation, warranty and reputed conditioner system and quality that is the M&E group-

Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation

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