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Why not cold enough conditioner when the Sun is hot

The weather on the peak are the hot sun with outdoor temperatures up to over 40 degrees Celsius and the need to use conditioner as possible. However, many families are struggling to cope with the situationaircondition

the temperature does not provide enough cold air despite several hours of operation, running at a back breaker make users are feeling hotter also even use electric fans. There are many causes that lead to this condition.

The harmonic capacity mismatch

When buying conditioner, you really have to be counsellors about the air-conditioning capacity consistent with an area of space in the room. However, the air-conditioning capacity also affect quite a number of elements: building materials, thermal sources of impact to the room, the number of users, frequency of use. So, not the room would also have the same standards. Status aircondition not sufficient conditioning often occurs in families of Eastern Nepal, the space is too wide and not closed; Or in the public offices, where the Office has many, many types of machinery and equipment or too many people regularly off/on.

To avoid this situation, before you buy the air-conditioning, plus/minus buyers can add about 5-10m3/capacity. In case of using the room available in addition to the direct sunshine, fixtures with other rooms, have

exhaust fan

… Please add from 0.3-0.5 Hp depending the level of heat loss-making capacity.

With the recipe as above, you can count out conditioners capacity needed for your room depending on the height, area, volume and direction of home. When purchasing air conditioning to consider, calculate all possible factors that impact the operation of the machine to choose yourself a air conditioning capacity match.

Conditioners can not do because the dirt

Maintaining the stability of the best temperature of conditioners depends a lot on the ventilation level, clean of both hot and cold Symphony Orchestra Symphony Orchestra. So, to make sure the conditioner can provide enough air conditioning, need regularly made seamless hot and cooler not to cling to the dirt.

With regard to the new conditioner will not encounter this situation. But the types of conditioners was old (used to be about 2 years) without sanitation, maintenance,


carefully conditioned to be very dirty. Plaque, dirt, Spider will create a layer of adhesive. If this situation happens in the cooler’s filter will cause the air conditioner can not blow cold out. Still in the staging of easy hot lead to reciprocal principle, not ventilate the hot conductor of heat when the air conditioner operation.

Conditioners are overloaded because of the high temperature

Status aircondition overload operating temperature very easy to happen when the weather is too hot. This case or appear institutions, public offices with a large number of users, many of the heat equipment. Because the air-conditioned cool enough so the user usually to temperatures as low as possible lead to the condition conditioners overloaded, run ì ạch.

If, when overloaded, automatic will be broken or heavier capacitor is broken block, huge repair expenses. The capacitor is usually the manufacturer calculated endurance level is 45 degrees Celsius hot with weatherproof outdoor 40 degrees Celsius inside air conditioner can be up to 50-60 degrees Celsius causing the explosion, damaging the capacitor.

D. cold due to lack of gas

In the air conditioners were used for a few years and extended path, many very small leaks are after all expression. So, after a total of hygiene maintenance and still see less conditioning then must check gas. Or if you just load the gas to increase the solvent cooling but not enough cold conditioner then the need to quickly find the cause of the leak, fix the new gas load was done again. If additional gas loaded without checking, only after some time back off gas and cold loss.

In the air conditioners of new fitting, if not cold enough, possibly due to the welds of gas system have openings so the conditioner can run out of gas after only one night. At this time, users should call to check warranty welder welds.

The air-conditioning is always clean and enough gas will cool the good, less power consumption and more durable.

Source: ictnews

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