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How to use the automatic power saving

Summer has arrived, the sultry heat makes air-conditioning needs of every family on a rise high. This also makes each home’s electric bill skyrocketed up. So you already know how to use the automatic copy to save electricity? Please refer to the how to use the automatic power saving here.

1. Installation of automatic matching room area

There are many suggestions that great conditioner conditioner then purchase will make the air in the room cooler. The fact is not so. Use a large air conditioner was not effective but also very complimentary fruits & energy. Because we all know the air conditioner works to remove heat and moisture in the room. But the air conditioner to cool the fast-capable but remove very little moisture. The following is the information about air conditioning capacity consistent with the area of the room you can refer to the purchase of air conditioners fit his home.

66 rooms-92 m ²: select a capacity 18,000 BTU/h
Phòng 51-65m ²: select air capacity 14,000 BTU/
hPhòng 42-51 m ²: select air capacity 12,000 BTU/
hPhòng 38-41 m ²: select air 10,000 BTU/hPhòng c
apacity 33-37m ²: select a capacity 9,000 BTU/h
Phòng 29-32 m ² : select a capacity 8,000 BTU/24
hPhòng-28m ²: select air capacity 7,000 BTU/hP
hòng 15-23 m ²: select air capacity 6,000 BTU/h
Phòng 9-14 m ²: select air capacity 5,000 BTU/h

If your room in shaded direction, not being in sunlight all day, you can reduce the power by 10%, and the room you in very sunny places, the increase in engine output by 10%. Also, in the home often have more than 2 people, then you add the machine’s capacity is 600 BTU per person. The capacity of the machine room is not consistent with the reasons for your perishable and spend a lot of energy, so based on the above formula you consider buying air conditioning so reasonable.

2. Use air conditioning in reasonable

Use air conditioning not properly is the main cause leading to the electric bill last month of your family. Please note the following to use conditioners properly.

Not to temperatures below 25 degrees C

The more conditioner temperature at least, with the natural temperature difference, the less power consumption. Want to cool the room, you should not to temperatures below 25° c. The best temperature you needed for air conditioning is from 23° C to 28° c.

Use air conditioning hybrid with electric fan or ceiling fan

Electric fans or ceiling fan can create a wind power do transient rooms and air conditioned rooms are over, the people in the room feel cooler and more pleasant when only use conditioner. At the moment you just put air conditioning in temperatures of 28° C-29° C is sufficient. More than females, use the fan with air conditioning you will save from 30%-40% of your money.

However, you also need to note if the roof directly inspired the Sun then you should not use the ceiling fan with automatic. And if your house walls in the sunny mood then you should also not turn wall fan with automatic.

Put the hot in the cool location Bureau

Hot to the hot position in the Bureau will affect power consumption, because the heat from the Sun will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. So, you go to hot in the cool position, the Bureau should not to stay too mysterious and hot place.

Regular maintenance, hygiene and aircondition

In the winter you don’t use air conditioning in the early summer, then you should check out the hot conductor (outdoor) see the radiator wings have been dirty lot no. If more dirt then you need cleaned or call workman to maintenance and inspection station.

There are so many families use the air conditioner but did not note the hygiene and the air conditioner regularly. If out Symphony Orchestra to be dirt will make up for the reduced heat exchanger, air will also work long days and cold, and poor will damage the machine and power consuming. In addition, if the amount is not enough, the station cooling performance is reduced, the cooling period is also longer, resulting in more power consumption. An article needs to note again that you must regularly clean the diaphragms, air filter. The cleaned dirt in the filter area can also reduce 15% of power operation of the machine, this saves a huge amount of power.

Usually a year you should maintain the full air conditioning. If the air conditioner used in dirt environment then you should check your frequent and regular cleaning to your durable activity, do not consume much energy.

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