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A brief introduction about M&E

Dear Customers

First of all, M& E Refrigeration and Commercial JSC would like to send a warmly thank to your agencies for being interested in collaborating on projects of our company.

M & E company is technical and trading company, specializing in the following key areas:

  1. 1.Supplying, designing, consulting, installation, warranty and maintaining the system:
  2. 2.Air conditioners and ventilation.
  3. 3.Control devices and BMS for the building.
  4. 4.Pressure system and boiler
  5. 5.Industrial equipment
  6. 6.Industrial air compressors system
  7. 7.Electric light system

M & E Company: Since its foundation, the desire to become one of Vietnam’s leading companies in the industry and business services has always been the purpose of the company. To achieve this purpose,

M & E company has been providing these high tech services such as technical consulting, supplying, installation, maintaining technical equipment, efficiency training and technology transference.

M & E company is gradually improving and enhancing the quality of our products and services.

M & E company has worked in the field of refrigeration since 2007, with the main field operations are technology transference, supply, installation, warranty, thermal, electronic, refrigeration, automation systems maintenance and environmental treatment equipment. M & E Company with many years of experiences, reputation, creative activity and constantly growth has affirmed its position in the market.

M & E company always applies latest technologies and materials in constructing and installation of Center Air Conditioning System. The company completely replaced the classic construction methods with modern construction methods, save the cost, manpower and construction time, construction quality is improved.

Simultaneously with competence and its credibility in the field of air-conditioning, M & E Company has been engaged in supply and installation of Center Air Conditioning System for many important breakthrough key projects

The success of the innovation of M & E company was considered by many device manufacturers and partners as a turning point in the construction technology and they are all looking forward to long term cooperation with the company.

With an experienced team of passionate engineers and skilled workers who have been trained through training seminars, training courses on the design and installation of central air conditioning system Chiller, intelligent air conditioning system VRF (VRV), ventilation systems.

Along with modern equipment and machinery, we have sufficient tools and parts for installation and replacement we are implementing several projects for customers with the highest quality.

Thanks to quick information network which is updated every time, we have ensured our commitment to deliver to our customers in the required time. After sales services associated with the product is one of the most important factors in customer care policies of M & E Company. Customers are supported by a team of experienced technicians, always welcome to meet customer requirements in a possible time manner.

Again, we deeply thank you for your interest in M & E JSC. We are looking forward to cooperating with your company in the near future and expect that such cooperation will grow!

Hanoi, May 2013


(Director Signed)