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How to use the automatic save

Aircondition is a modern equipment is used very popular in every family and every Office, it’s not only the cooling effect on hot summer days, but also helps the heating in the cold of winter. This contributes to our life becomes more comfortable, more relaxed. However, the problem here is that we regularly uses conditioner, so you already know how to use conditioner the right way to save electricity and maintain the longevity of your air conditioner? Please read the following articles to the same reference using the automatic save!

1. Air conditioners and role in life

Currently, the air conditioner market is very diverse with many famous brand in the world to allow ngườu user type selection automatic line with living conditions and actual needs. Use the air conditioner will help to make your life become more comfortable and more facilities.


Reconcile window has two forms: air conditioning (cooling only) and air conditioning (cooling medium to medium heat. In 2-way air conditioning (hot-cold) has clusters of reversing valve allows to swap the position of the hot and cold on staging the different seasons of the year.

Cooler in the summer, staging hot outside, your function is. Winter hot-staging in the opposite room, Orchestra room, cold outside air to run in heat pump mode, the function of the machine is heating.

2. How to use the automatic power saving

To regulate the temperature in accordance

Here’s how to use air conditioning energy saving and efficiency. You should to aircondition at temperatures from 27-28 degrees C is the best, avoid some diseases of the respiratory tract (nose, throat inflammation chocolate…). Besides, automatic is recommended in combination with fans (ceiling fans, exhaust fans, misting fans, …). Because using the fan with automatic air will help cool the rotation better, your room will become cool quickly, some type of blower helps your skin when in dry conditioners (misting fan, fan, steam …)

Air-condition rooms must be sealed

 If you turn on the a/c just open the window or open the door too many times to do the cold lost his escape led to wasted electricity. Therefore, to save electricity when using the air conditioner, you shouldn’t just turn on automatic opening and attention have to do a tight slit window.

Turn off the air conditioner the right way, not increase decrease sudden conditioner

Most people are turned off by remote control and think that mediation will not consume more power. However, did you know that the machine still consumes an amount of power that you don’t even know. To avoid this situation is the only way you should turn off the Aptomat. This is the secret to use air conditioning energy saving and safe when not in use.

Besides, the increase or decrease in temperature abruptly will create pressure for air conditioners, affect productivity and durability of the machine.

Should not turn off too many times

When using conditioner you should not turn off the air conditioning too many times. This would consume quite a lot of power because the air conditioning is in need of a great energy to be able to restart your computer.

Select the appropriate capacity to an area of the room

Depending on the area of the room where you choose which conditioner installation select the appropriate capacity to save energy, to use effectively. For example: you have a small area you should select the type of low-capacity chemistry thing, you consider the following formula: 1m2 corresponding to 500 BTU, just so that multiply.

Regular conditioner hygiene and proper

Regular conditioner hygiene is also one of the ways to use automatic save electricity are many families apply. Usually after 3 summer months use conditioner you should them a hygiene to limit the dirt clinging to, affect the exchange of heat.

Select the location of the air-condition is suitable

Hint for you is so

installation of air conditioners

in the East or the north side of the House, where little sunlight shining directly on. Currently, many households often select the air-condition in the position being evaluated is hot for that will be cooled more quickly. However this is completely wrong, because this location the machine must operate more power should also increase.


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