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The thing to note when choosing automatic

How to select an air products guaranteed quality and saving power is a question many consumers are interested in. The article below, we introduce some note when the harmonic choice, helping you to have certain knowledge when choosing buy cold products.

Should select a reputable brand.

The brand is probably the first element to people making decisions when

installation of air conditioners

. A prestigious brand certainly gives the user peace of mind about the quality of the product, including the manufacturer’s brand and trademark of the liquidation unit



However, not everyone know the details of the air conditioner should be able to accidentally taken advantage of buying goods to the poor quality of a brand of unknown origin. The buyer should be aware of and carefully selected.

Air space structure

The case of the corridor outside the room or household should insert wall conditioners, just ensure the aesthetic convenience when repairs.

If there is no space outside convenient, can choose to purchase the type mounted in the window quite compact.

An area of the room and the factors affecting the level of conditioning

To ensure stability, conditioning air conditioner capacity must admit the possibility reduced the heat in the room.

The buyer should also choose power conditioner installation fit area and family space. This is the problem the buyer needs care because it affect the power consumption of the family.

The capacity of the machine is known as the electric power consumption of the compressor with refrigerating unit is horsepower (HP).

Technical considerations when referencing the ad program

Consumers should not abuse the antiseptic, bactericidal products by now, there is a supermarket electric machine would be explained and not giving the certification papers about the operation as well as certification audit, of the body functions of the antivirus, antibacterial prevention of air conditioner

Consumers also should not be too believe in advertising to pay for the products and “jail blind” in quality.

Should attach importance to quality over price

Currently, the Automatic styling code samples were identical to the harmonic line, cheap conditioner smuggled from China are rushing spills on the market with a price half or 2/3 products.

Fact, the quality of this product line does not yet have any endorsement would, using these products will probably not be using regular conditioner, spend many times the family power even be harmful for health.

Have customers after being recently discovered donkeys are not cheap but also expensive conditioner from 2 to 3 million. Therefore, when choosing the installation of air conditioning, consumers should be aware, be careful, always put quality first.

Should listen to advice from those who have expertise

If you don’t know about, can reference from relatives to friends, who have conditioned from before. In particular, the airline should go to reconcile prestige and listen to advice from sales people. So will help you earn money as well as ensure the purchase was a good conditioner


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