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How to choose and use conditioner to help save electricity

This product is relatively common in many families as well as the construction works. By then, the choice of harmonic products of prestige, quality, as well as the design, reasonable installation will not only help the product extends the time use but also help users save energy as well as the cost of paying for mobile features.

Choosing appropriate machine line

Currently on the market there are 2 air line


is the machine and inverter machines.

Air is normally closed type compressor break-OFF, when cold-productivity and adjust the room temperature. Characteristics of this machine type is the room temperature varies drastically, your work in the closed cycle interrupted and relatively high power consumption.

Your inverter is kind of new, modern machines, cold-productivity and adjust the room temperature by changing the compressor crankshaft rotation. Thanks to how to adjust this and thanks to replace AC motors by DC motor, pipes, mao by electronic throttle … so power can reduce to 50% compared to conventional machines.

How to install air conditioning

The room must be vacuuming, cleaning clean, wall and ceiling are usually clean. Also, to note the installation of air conditioning in a position such that the air flow can be distributed evenly throughout the room. In the room you should also to a cool water pots.

-Not to hot staging of automatic equipment in sunlight and avoid the hot conductor resistance to wind. The direction set is best hot staging North or South. If installed in the East or West should have shelters to umbrellas, awnings are not obstructing the flow of wind flow through the hot conductor.

-Should be mounted in a position to able to radiate cold room and both wind up unencumbered by other widgets.

-Installation of seamless hot and cooler as close together as possible, the disparity between the staging as small as possible. So will save more power.

-The room air is dry with best humidity from 30% to 60% below to the bacterium, fungi do not have conditions to grow.

Using and preserving

Adjust the temperature just right

The lower the temperature, the air conditioning more than the electricity consumption. Adjust the temperature depending on the adaptability of each person. However, if the heat in the room, the difference is too large on the outside is not beneficial to health.

As recommended should only difference below 10 degrees C (7 degrees is best) and should not be below 20 degrees centigrade for example temperature is 36 degrees, the room temperature should be set at a level of 26-28 degrees. You can use more electric fans, so will reach high efficiency and save electricity.

If the machine does not have sleep mode, increase room temperature of 2° c more, if feel hot at first, let’s add the fan within 1 h. Do not set the temperature low must be buffered and tuck when sleeping.

Please turn off the air conditioner when out of the room, turn off by remote control, then interrupt the pressure tômát. If only off by driver still consume about 15W.

Regularly cleaning

The dirt sticking and accumulates on the surface of hot-staging, cooler, filter … make obstacles for the heat exchanger, how your slow cold. The hot-staging indoor hygiene in air conditioning somewhat complex and related to electrical safety.

You can ask an electrician conditioning routine maintenance (approximately 6 months/times). Also dust filter, hygienic and easier, for about a month, times. You can DIY, removed and cleaned with a brush and SOAP.

Wash the filter in the rig. Open the front of the rig chilling, remove the dust filter plate out, powerful water hose for drifting off the grid, to dry the mesh and then add back the machine. Wash the rig. Turn off air conditioning, open the front of the rig chilling as above, using the pressure water spray (aerosol type medication for the tree) a strong spray of clean water from the leaves of metal chilling truss. Note that only sprays water into the metal leaves, avoid spray on the parts and to spray from the water to escape through hole up from the drain. After the injection is finished, close the air back to the saddle for at least half an hour of new electrical plug.

Rinse the hot rig: turn off air conditioning, unplug the power or disconnect the power at the breaker electric, using tap water pressure water spray or spray on the leaves of metal hot rig. Note the spray of water straight toward the slot between the metal leaf; do not spray head can deflect the metal leaves make this a poor atmosphere after exposure.


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