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Do not mount the fan inlet along the air conditioner is wrong

Many people fear more fitting the fan intake, although very small capacity in the bedroom or small area rooms


, will cause power consuming and not good for the health. However, this is the wrong perspective.

Today very few people notice the installation of such conditioner is best. The family or people often use for personal, organizational consulting, installation of construction. Invalid installation makes inhabitants use costly medium materials, more power consuming again, even affect the health because of using improper electrical equipment.  

“Many people think more fitting small capacity exhaust fans will power, so most in the hotel room, or bedroom of the family, the air is not circulated to provide enough oxygen, sleep, awake, we see the first weighing , constant headaches, or inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, and most “do is regulate”. 

Even the sale of conditioners, technical staff

installation of air conditioners

are misconceptions about “air circulation in the room”, when they said that “automatic air circulation, provide enough oxygen by itself-the outside air, cooling, filtration and blown into the room”, this is completely not true.


installation of air conditioners

According to the regulation, must have

exhaust fan

, small capacity to save and change the air in the room. Harmonic itself-the air in the room, blowing through cold cooling rig, so the amount of air in the room for such “spin” through mediation to be dust and cooling and then blown back out.

Therefore, when the air-condition, to ensure health, against the lack of oxygen causes the headache need fan capacity is under cooler opposite direction to air toxic, according to which the air contains oxygen will naturally follow the slot door , loophole in the oxygen supply to the user.

Should the steam blower or air humidifier, if not this, then the items should not be conditioned to a “Dry-dry” because the humidity too low will cause dry skin, dry throat and this is what causes dehydration leading to early topping , chronic sore throats, especially in small children. The user can expose a bath towel was slightly drained, squeezed in the humidifier, the water tray or place a rather large surfaces without the steam blower or air humidifier in the room. Is to automatic mode “Auto-automatically” filter.

Use exhaust fans when the wind Island rooms too broad. With small rooms, no need to use because air currents were due to convection hot air always rises high and be sucked into the dust filter, conditioner, cooling and air conditioning, usually blown out again “heavy” than should stay below.

People use air conditioning should only put in an 26-27 with 28-29 and an adult if there are children, old people. To low temperature and “tuck”. Doing this not only causes the electric consuming but also harmful to the health.

To save power, “rig” the Harmonic’s two plates should be placed where the glance but no direct. Who should use umbrellas hot rig, not to the Sun sitting on the axis of the device. Installation position as cool, less power consuming.

Source: Vnexpress



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