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What you should know about air conditioners

The use of air conditioners available today are becoming increasingly popular in every family. The article below will help you more knowledge about air conditioner that you need to know.


1. There are types of air conditioners would

Air conditioners have two types:

-Wall mounted type (2): this type has two parts separated into two parts, cooler parts are installed in the House by mounted on the wall. Fan parts and gust air is mounted outside the House, the two organs with a plastic tube placed through a small hole on the wall. This type is suitable for housing, has outside corridors (used to set the fan parts and gust air).

-Window type (1): this type is a homogeneous blocks, means fan parts is always in the air rather than as separate types of wall. This type is suitable for tall buildings. To add this machine only needs to create a window on the wall when, to the surface (cooler) turned on in the room.

2. Choose to buy air conditioner 

-Select buy air conditioner tagged energy, had using inverters.

-Select buy air conditioner suitable capacity: normal room has an area of 9-15m2 can add air capacity 9,000 BTU/h (a horse), an area of from 15 to 20 m square air 12,000 BTU/h (1.5 horse), an area of from 20-30 m 2 with air 18,000 BTU/h (two horses).

-Also should consider a number of factors such as: room has many, many devices, sunny fixtures …

-Should not buy the machine is too old or has passed the fix.

3. Should choose to purchase your cheap air conditioners

Usually the cost of buying the machine only 4-10% throughout the lifecycle of your air conditioner. Meanwhile, electricity bills amounting to 90-95%. So, should you choose to purchase energy-saving machine will help reduce costs dramatically compared with buy cheap machine that consumes more power.

4. The points to note in the

installation of air conditioners

-The distance between the hot-staging and installation of air cooler air conditioner as close as possible.

-Gas pipe length should not exceed 5 m and altitude difference should not exceed 3 m.

-Fin should be set to a cool place, the location should be easy on your toilet repair operation, the gas tube. The hot conductor should be umbrellas, not to direct sunlight.

Not be

installation of air conditioners

near other electrical appliances such as refrigerators, television sets, microwave ovens … Cooler is hanging high enough (above 2.5 m) to the wind chill can spread evenly in the room.


installation of ventilation system

in the opposite side of the air conditioner.

5. Using the efficiency of air conditioners

-The room is air-conditioned compartments, good insulation, use the ôvăng format, the sunshade, the veil to stop heat penetration.

-Install a suitable room temperature, in the range of 25-27° C.

-If used regularly, to cleaning/6 months.

Source: youth online


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