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Air conditioning capacity suitable for each space

The harmonic capacity options for each specific installation space not only help maximize the possibility of air-conditioning but also help your endurance and energy use.

How to calculate the capacity of air conditioning for all the purposes we use are based on the elements of area, volume of space to do conditioning, here we only discuss how to calculate the surface area of basic properties as square or rectangle. (V = length x width x height). and here is the calculation for some purposeful space in common use such as: air conditioning for homes, cafes, restaurants, hotels, Office work.

Calculate the capacity of air conditioning

1 HP (electric power, the capacity of the compressor) = 746 W (electric power) = 9000 BTU/h (cold capacity) = 2.61 KW (power conditioning).

(Transfer of power as on the only true provided that AIR CONDITIONING, do not apply to the field of freezing cold.)

Capacity calculation formula:

If V is the volume (m3) (= floor area (m2) x height to the ceiling (m))

HP is the power conditioning (also called “horses”-HP)

We have: 1 m3 ~ 200 BTU, which is the compressor capacity 1HP = 9000 BTU

→ 1 m3 ~ (200/9000) HP

→ 1HP ~ 45 m3

Recipe: HP = V x 2/90

Practical experience:

The estimate of about 1 HP for 35-45 m3 of the room (or calculated according to the formula above).


Room size: 3 x 4 x 3.5 m = 42 m3. Select air conditioning 1 HP

Room size: 4 x 5 x 3.5 m = 70 m3. Select 1.5 HP or 2 HP air conditioning

Room size: 5 x 6 x 3.5 m = 105 m3. Select air conditioning 2.5 HP


Capacity of air conditioning is also affected by other factors such as building materials, thermal sources of impact to the room and the number of people who regularly use the room more or less. So not the room would also have the same standards, so we can add or subtract add about 5-10 meters of customized case …

In case of using the room available in addition to the direct sunshine, fixtures with other rooms, have the ventilation exhaust fan, … I plus from 0.3 ~ 0.5 Hp depending the level of heat loss-making capacity.

a. Air conditioning for family room: If is a public space such as living room, kitchen, add 0.5 Hp

The volume clause 40 m3 (cubic) = 1.0 Hp

The volume clause 60 m3 (cubic) = 1.5 Hp

The volume clause 80 m3 (cubic) = 2.0 Hp

(b). Air conditioning for cafes, restaurants: due to the very crowded at vengeance fixtures, ventilation exhaust fan should have to choose capacity for Japanese at high load density (due to the heat radiate out, external ventilation on)

Account volume 30 m3 (cubic) = 1.0 Hp

The volume clause 45 m3 (cubic) = 1.5 Hp

The volume clause 60 m3 (cubic) = 2.0 Hp

(c). Air conditioning for hotels: hotel room rentals vengeance fixtures short or foreign guests, they usually require air to cool rapidly from ventilation to the room when we count the higher capacity family bedroom.

The volume clause 35 m3 (cubic) = 1.0 Hp

The volume clause 55 m3 (cubic) = 1.5 Hp

Account volume 70 m3 (cubic) = 2.0 Hp

(d). Air conditioning for Office work: here we select standard working Office is the number of people with computers, have stable work for each person, photo, fax machines, printers, … If the case is less and the number of machines not much equipment can be calculated as Air conditioning for the family room.

The volume clause 35 m3 (cubic) = 1.0 Hp

The volume clause 55 m3 (cubic) = 1.5 Hp

Account volume 70 m3 (cubic) = 2.0 Hp

With the recipe as above, you can count out conditioners capacity needed for your room depending on the height, area, volume and direction of home. So, when buying air conditioning to consider, calculate all possible factors that impact the operation of the machine to be able to choose for themselves a air conditioning capacity match.


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