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Select Smart conditioner recipes

You are wishing to purchase air conditioning but do not know which type to buy and how much capacity? Below we give these recipes help you choose intelligently conditioner.

1. Use the automatic power saving

Currently on the market there are more lines


different about the brand, capacity, price … but the harmonic line of power-saving trend is becoming more consumer choice.

Line conditioners power savings

Inverter technology

can save from 30-60% power compared to the conventional air conditioner if you used the right way. However, the price of energy-saving inverter air conditioner may be larger than regular conditioner but long-term calculations, it will help you save energy and costs to pay electricity bills every month.

If you use conditioner for about 8 hours each day then you should choose the type of conditioner to not so “shocked” with your money every month.

Automatic Inverter is the choice of many customers

2. Should choose suitable power conditioner

The selection of the


appropriate capacity will help you save much energy and does not cause bad waste of electricity. So before choosing automatic for home or agency, you should pay attention to a number of factors affect the harmonic capacity as:

-An area of the room you plan to air-condition. If the room has an area of about 14-16m2 then you should choose the air conditioner 9000 BTU capacity is appropriate. If the area of your room around 16-18m2 then you should choose air conditioner 12000 BTU capacity.

-The number of people and regular fixtures in the room. Many people and many belongings, especially heat such as computers, television sets, refrigerators … the common room’s temperature higher and you should choose the automatic has a bit more power than the same area but less and less people use.

-Direction of the sun shining into the room or not?

-The rooms have shades to reduce heat or not?

-The door is made of glass material will cause the temperature of the room hotter

3. Buy air time

The need to use the air in the summer so much so there will be many people who buy in early summer. But you should pay attention to avoid buying air time in the year, defined as the first 6 by this time, the price will be higher and may not be the best consultant staff by many customers buy too.

Should you choose to purchase automatic occasion to have plenty of time to choose, have more time to consult and have many attractive promotions.

4. Be careful with “promotion”

Promotion, customers will receive the benefits more than the earlier but be careful because it can be viable, old, buggy technology fad. The price may be cheap at first the you will incur the nuisance about it later.


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