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Advice how to choose the best conditioner

Select buy good conditioner and use conditioner effectively is no easy matter for those who have little knowledge about air conditioning. You refer purchase experience automatic below to choose yourself the most suitable conditioner.

Select buy conditioners you please remove things related to advanced features, modern technology or commitment to the power consumption of the producer. The first you need to determine which are the needs and the budget that you can pay for the purchase and installation of air conditioning. The determination of the time of use, an area of the space needed to cool and the frequency of use of the device will also help you answer many of the questions themselves are disturbed.

If your family needs to use for heating in the winter, especially the family of the elderly and young children, then you should invest a two-way conditioner. Although paid more when purchased but effective million use higher back and you also save costs for heating equipment when it next winter.

Some things to note when you choose to buy.

Select power air conditioning how much is enough?

Normally the capacity of air conditioning for the bedroom need 550-600b TU/m ² and a higher level of 700-900bTU/m ² for the period rooms have arisen (dining room, living room). With that formula, you can easily work out the capacity needed for the air conditioner to buy his copy to suit the installation location.

If you House room under 15 m ² just select power conditioner 9,000 BTU. Rooms from 16-22 m ² select 12,000 BTU capacity. From 22-30 m ² of 18,000 BTU capacity and area from 30-35 m ² select 24,000 BTU power conditioner.

Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation

 recommend to buy excess power conditioners than an area of the room this will help fast cooling and increase endurance for air. However, it should also not buy the machine has a capacity that is too large, medium-sized electricity consuming cost to operate this machine.

Select buy automatic inverter?

Inverter technology saves the current power is gradually become criteria for samples of this new generation. The products use the inverter from the airline market share in Vietnam such as: Daikin, Panasonic, Samsung, LG … Other points of the air conditioner inverter is when the temperature reaches the desired level, the compressor will maintain the level of the smallest capacity. Thus, the machine can be adjusted from a level to the desired temperature without the need to restart the computer as usual conditioner. If wishing to use on 8 hours per day, you should be investing now in an air conditioner inverter technology to save electricity. If wishing to use less then difference of air or not equipped with inverter technology not crisp.

Select reconcile peace has the features and new technology?

If you have the financial conditions, you choose yourself the newest products of the brands are on the market today. The year 2015-2016, a series of air-conditioning products using new technologies was born there in Panasonic, Samsung and LG is the pioneer in technological improvements. The products of this new technology allows products work smarter, clean air filter, cooled quickly, so saving energy.

If only needs in common usage with limited financial resources, be discerning whisked the smart features, new technology enhancements that simply focusing on the basic parameters (capacity, cooling levels , noise, …). You can choose both the old model when producers are off sharply to bring new products to market.

The origin and price of products

On the market there are many air-conditioning products are sold with low rates (from 5-6 million) to the premium product (cost 30-40 million). At a price of 7-8 million, buyers have been able to shop for himself a condition of the brand: LG, Sumikura, Midea, … In rates on below 10 million, there are many users choose reasonable by most of the brands are competing to win market share in this segment. Depending on your needs, you can choose a favorite brand in the product. However, you should also consult the choice of product and the brand name and are popular on the market today such as Daikin, LG, Panasonic, Mitsubishi …

One thing worth noting again that the brand and the origin of the product. You should select the product brand, origins, made clear. And though was the product of any brand, please select the product in machine electricity distribution facilities. In addition to ensuring that its purchases were genuine, users also benefit from the after-sales service. In addition, the big agents repeatedly have discount programs or attractive gifts for clients.

The company is known to be active in the field of supply, installation, warranty, maintenance of mechanical systems, electronic, thermal, electrical, automation and environmental processing equipment, refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation and M&E commercial is proud to be the home provides automatic units for many prestigious clients. With long experience in the field

mechanical refrigeration

M&E Group, make sure to bring you the quality product and the most professional service.


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