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The basic requirements when installing industrial conditioners

Unlike the harmonic products other industrial conditioners usually have very distinct requirements in erecting. Here are the basic requirements when installed to regulate the industry.

1. Location of installation

Industrial refrigeration refrigeration equipment is indispensable in the plant, the processing capacity of, a commercial area … This is the equipment is fixed and usually are installed based on the architecture and the structure of each separate area. By so before installation, the designer as well as the investor must have thorough research about the location of installation. Doing this will help regulate the industry upholding air-conditioning effect, at the same time helps save investment costs for the user.

2. The process of installation

The process of

installation of the air conditioner industry

is divided into two main stages. The first stage of this process is the installation of the necessary path system and phase two is the installation of the air conditioner system.

Stage 1: installation of pipe system

Pipe products, wire installation required in this process include: pipe insulation system, electronic line system, the system drains. Typically, the hose, the wire is usually chon in-wall or on-wall ceiling joint design technique. This first stage is usually done when starting plastered wall or ceiling. A location important note when executing this wire system that is the industrial equipment are all refrigeration products have high capacity, consume large power source. By so when installed, industrial refrigeration products are to be fitted with safety devices like knives, aptomat bridge.

Stage 2: installation of air conditioners

Before Assembly, the need to determine the exact location of the installation of seamless hot, cooler system. After identifying the exact location, builders will proceed to check the status of operation of the pipe again to make sure all is ready to function normally. Industrial air conditioning systems will be installed as soon as everything has been thoroughly tested.

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