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M&E mechanical contractors share the method of installation of ventilation systems for factory

The factory, the manufacturing industry area is home to many workers, machinery, industrial dust so the installation of ventilation systems for factories are essential to enhance productivity just to ensure health for humans. In this article,

refrigeration contractor

 M&E will share with you the read method of ventilation system for the factory.

Usually, the

installation of ventilation system

 usually the main purpose is to ensure the circulation of air transport, in space and clean air. Therefore, the installation of ventilation system at present is required for workshops.

Some methods of designing, installation of ventilation systems for buildings.

1. Natural ventilation

Natural ventilation is the ventilation for the work environment by arranging the door take the wind and wind-waste a reasonable way to help air circulation circulation. The advantage is the low investment cost, no power to the engine. The downside is the high-performance visible and dependent on wind direction, space.

Method: layout do wind took the wind and wind to create symmetrical exhaust the best effect. Do wind must reasonably layout with walls and especially must be cover rain. Can use globe mounted on the roof to enhance convection.

The air conditioning system, ventilation system at the Crystal Martin (Vietnam) doesn’t install by M&E mechanical contractors

2. Do not use mechanical ventilation canals wind

This method is the same as natural ventilation method but differs in that instead of putting blue wind exhaust fan placed on the wall. On the opposite side I put the blue wind dust filter or the filter plate has the technology to take the wind outside. When the fan inlet works will create the difference in pressure inside the factory, fresh wind outside the colon automatically in order to replace the emissions-out.

3. Using mechanical ventilation conduits.

Ventilation cooling system using wind distribution channel works according to the principle-the fresh air from the outside, the air will be blown over a paper-made nets in the form of hives.


Ventilation systems of Yamani Dynasty was installed by M&E mechanical contractors

Paper nets are made of wood pulp material so high water absorption, good dust, mold, not distortion. Fresh air intake in the outside environment after being blown over with paper nets (watering, irrigation pump water continuously up paper nets through the automatic level valve-discharge) will reduce the temperature down to about-50 c incl. compared from the outside temperature.

The amount of air that has been cooled to be constantly blowing into the factory (by an electric fan), will also push the hot air and pollution in factories outside, creating a cool work environment. Located wind reached a maximum of up to 25 m.

This system also makes the humidity in the room increased from 3% to 5%, on average about 2 minutes then the volume of air in the room is changed (by the amount of fresh air is sucked in from the outdoors brought in the room). The system is designed with 3 modes of wind velocity should easily meet the needs of each individual object use (wind power supply can reach up to 17,000 m3/hour). A ventilation system capable of cooling cooling for an area of about 130m2.

By using a solution of natural evaporation to cool so the ventilation system has advantages such as environmental protection, deodorizing, power savings (average about 1KW/hour). A specific factory covers an area of 2,200 square meters, in installation 16 ventilation systems, a day use about 10 hours, cooling effect almost equivalent compared to using air conditioners, but the cost of money is only about 5 million VND/month While if using air conditioners, they must spend to nearly 40 million/month.

Home a/c system air Yamani Dynasty was installed by M&E mechanical contractors

4. Ventilation combine factory cooled

Ventilation systems combine factory cooled now being used very widely, scattered because of the huge advantage compared to the air conditioning system. The most prominent is the low investment cost and power consumption costs just by 1/10 compared to the use of air conditioning systems.

Air conditioning system to cool the entire space to ensure effective factory cooled system but may only need to cool in some location work needed and the environment have great heat as mechanical workshop , printing …

Survey data on work space 1000 m ²

Cooling capacity


The cooling system

Air conditioning systems

The fan system


16,000 m3/h

400,000 Btu/h

40,000 m3/h

Electric capacity

1.1 kW

54 kW

7.1 kW

Work space

Area (m2)




Height (m)




The number of exchanges per hour


complete week


Energy consumption index

The total number of units installed




The total power consumption (kW)




The total electricity use 10 h/day and 26-day/month

27.456 kWh over the years

336.960 kWh over the years

70.200 kWh over the years

% power consumption




The differences between the methods

Push the heat out and cool air, clean and fresh wind

Closed cycle. In the case generated heat, then it is not effective

The circulation of air but do not lower the temperature when the temperature increase of the naked lips


From the table notes on when choosing the conditioner and ventilation design you should consider carefully whether to

installation of air conditioning systems

 or not. If not the special environment require strict humidity then cooling system design is an appropriate and economic options for 20-30 days can only insert the completed factory cooled system.

M&E electrical contractor operating in the field of mechanical refrigeration since 2007 with the main activity area is the technology transfer service, supply, installation, warranty and maintenance of mechanical systems, thermal, electronic , refrigeration, automation and environmental processing equipment. With many years experiences in the field of design and construction and installation of wind system based on the standards of ventilation of the world and Vietnam, M&E Group ensure a green space clean, for people using and saving energy.


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