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Learn about the air conditioning system in the urban Vinhomes Times City-Park Hill

Located in phase 2 of the urban Vinhomes Times City, Park Hill Times the City was built according to the idea of “lifestyle resort in the heart of the town,” with inspiration from the ecological architecture of Singapore.



Bring back life style resort in the heart of the town for residents, the Times Vinhomes City-Park Hill is green space system facilities outdoor pool and in the House, the Hill of hope, the square and the vast water playground the public space, utilities, and the “wall” surrounded by greenery. The superior in the design of Park Hill is the effort to maximize on natural living space. With more than 70% of the area for the landscape, the whole Park Hill will be covered by a diverse flora with the Green highlight is the Hill of hope. From the center of the Hill of hope, green vegetation will be transitioning to the green color of the large outdoor pool and mineral space reached large-scale water playground. Interspersed between the surrounding vegetation and the Green highlight is the flower garden leaves the four seasons bring about quiet, tranquillity, equilibrium with a dynamic and modern life.



Urban Vinhomes Times City Park Hill is planned with 8 apartment building from Park to Park 8. Next to the “automatic nature”, the owner is Vingroup Group also focuses on ensuring superior quality, guarantee the stable operation of air conditioning systems, ventilation systems in all buildings of the project. By then, residents of the city not only is Park Hill City Times enjoy fresh green air source space nature but also are the source of fresh, clean air space of the apartment.

ME Group-official construction units for air-conditioning projects at City Park Hill

Air-conditioning and ventilation systems is not possible minimum of parts in any buildings, structures. It not only ensures the operation, air ventilation in enclosed spaces like basements, Elevator, lobby … but also help provide sources of clean, fresh air for living space.



With a team of experts, technical staff enthusiasm, dynamism, the products are used always ensuring quality according to international standards, the M&E Group was honored to become the main contractor for the project of installation of air conditioners and

installation of ventilation system

at Times the City Park Hill. Through the go into finishing the project to bring this international class, ME Group again confirmed the power, prestige in the installation, designed for mechanical refrigeration system works in points, is absolute trust users.

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