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How to choose good and 2-way conditioner buy best

2-dimensional conditioners increasingly common use in the family. However can choose to buy the automatic price and good quality for the consumer would not know. Here are ways to help you choose the most affordable 2-way conditioner.

Aircondition is 2-way active conditioner heat transfer type of liberation from one place to another. This type of air conditioner has two symphony orchestras, a cooler and a hot outside are connected to pull heat from outdoor air and transmitted to the House.

Sorting 2-dimensional conditioner

2-dimensional harmonic current is divided into two basic categories that is automatic Inverter technology and regular conditioner. Automatic Inverter technology saves power in an optimal way. Especially when using the automatic Inverter continuously will help save significant power.

Uses of 2-dimensional conditioner

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is thought to work to cool but with automatic bidirectional then is not only to cool that conditioned also warm. In the summer the cooling mode to use, to the cold season, the use of heating mode. Automatic bidirectional gives people using the best serve to improve the value of life. Someone said that the summer choose a conditioner to do conditioning, winter then use heaters. But that is not the optimal solution. Instead of using two devices then two dimensional harmonic conditioner two types is in a help users have the best experience.

Buy the 2-dimensional thing according to the capacity

Left-type conditioners have a capacity from 9,000 BTU/h ÷ 60,000 BTU/h, including primarily the type of 9,000, 12,000, 18,000, 24,000 36,000 48,000 60,000 and,, BTU/h. Depending on which manufacturers of different capacity. The cooling capacity is calculated by BTU/hour. The higher the number, the stronger the conditioner. A small room about 20 m square can just 9,000 BTU conditioner or 12,000 BTU/hour. 

Below is the BTU calculation with an area of (standard room well insulated):P 5,000-6,000 BTU small: stand for 10-28 m 2 rooms; rooms size average: 7,000-8,200 BTU per 24-52 m 2; great room: 9,800 to 12,500 BTU for 32-88 m2.

However, the size of the room is not the only factor to decide the harmonic capacity. There are many other factors to consider such as the number and size of the window, the height of the room, how well the room is insulated.

Buy 2-dimensional conditioners help save electricity

Look for the EnergyStar ® label templates and choose the system of conditioning high EER. An EnergyStar standard conditioner will save about 30% of the cost of electricity bills compared to a standard air conditioner. The buyer should consider to use power efficiency rate (EER). EER is the efficiency ratio, energy efficiency measures is a conditioner is like. The higher the number, the more conditioner efficiency and save electricity. The small Republic we have top EER number only about 11, are also the most effective large conditioner have EER index is about 13.

Choose buy 2-dimensional conditioning depending on the noise level (FIN/cooler)

The manufacturers are trying to reduce the noise level of the air-conditioning. However, should still pay attention to the noise level when operating the air as if not wanting to lose sleep or neighbors complain because of the noise generator. How to check the noise of the air conditioner to buy is the search parameters noise level (FIN/cooler) contained in the accompanying guide book. Note, the lower the noise ratio, the machine running as smoothly.

The features of the 2-dimensional conditioner

In addition to elements of the brand or the price, the features of the conditioner is necessary to meet the demands of daily use. Depending on the needs of family response as automatic cleaning, sterilizing or adjust the temperature … and choose the best conditioner type. The smart feature is an important factor in deciding whether you should buy any kind of conditioner.

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