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8 mistakes home would also suffer when using automatic

Summer use


the wrong way is easy that leads to respiratory diseases, influenza, … affects the health of everyone in the family.

1. Choose the wrong size automatic

Many people thought that the size of the air conditioner to cool rapidly as large as possible, cool. However, the machine’s capacity is too large an area of the room will make families waste a huge amount of power. Therefore, you should ask your electrical professionals advise to choose for an automatic proper fast-medium size that still saves electricity. Typically, the lower floor room or in less sunny position just regulate baby capacity than the ‘ inspired ‘ sunny.

2. Installation of air conditioners in the corner of the wall heater

Many air-condition in the wall in the room. Every person in that room so will quickly reduce heat. However, such a notion completely wrong when the air conditioner is running when the overload is to cool the walls too front to the air in the room. Therefore, your precision air-condition in the shady corner to reduce the room temperature, and then from the cool wall around. As such, the room temperature will cool faster, cooler longer.

3. No regular air conditioner maintenance 

Not a few families often overlook the maintenance steps because the air conditioner operation remains smooth, no noise. However, the air conditioner should be cleaning and filter replacement 3 months/times. Cooling line also should be checked regularly to avoid leaks. If not cleaned periodically, dust on the hot air will cause long and gradually affecting the operation of the air conditioner.

4. Open air conditioners all day

Sultry summer makes you turn the air conditioner constantly throughout the day. However, this influence to health when in long-sealed room in turn. You should just sit in the room too conditioners, 2 hours. When out of the room should be open to and stood at the door a few minutes to catch up with the body adapts to the new atmosphere. In addition, if sleeping air conditioning noted as possible at night, the body lacks the mobility, easy to catch cold so you need to adjust the air conditioning temperature increase at night.

5. To regulate temperature too low 

Turn on the air conditioner at temperatures too low make you susceptible due to too high a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the home. In particular, the elderly and small children with weak resistance very easy headaches, sore throats, nose hole, … So often, the temperature of about 25oC conditioner is the best.

You should also pay attention to avoid sudden temperature changes. Should not step into the room after conditioner from outside of Sun or just jog out sweat. Before exiting the room, you should stand in the door opening to a few minutes to catch up with the body adapting to the hot air outside. However, also try to move in and out on constantly to limit the body disturbed due to frequent adjustments to adapt to the temperature.

6. Use exhaust fans in homes

What types of conditioners have mode-smell and clean air. So, when is turn on the air-conditioning should limit switch the fan-type smell,

exhaust fan

… to avoid pushing cool air outside made her more energy.

7. Closed all day

Many families closed throughout the day to keep the cool air in the House. However, experts said the air in the room air conditioner more external pollution easily more than twice three times. The closed causing dirt, bacteria buildup in space did not escape outside. Therefore, when the evening cool, you can open the Windows, turn on a fan to ventilate the House.

8. Turn off the air conditioner when the room was cold enough

Many people turn off the air conditioner when the room just enough cool and turn back when hot to save electricity. However, the few who doubt this causes the opposite effects. The air conditioner needs to consume a lot of power when starting. So, instead of 160 c then turned down soon after a few minutes, you should to stable at 25° c threshold for long time.

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