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Learn about the common mechanical refrigeration

M&E phrase is short for Mechanical and Electrical, mechanical and electrical is, however, currently, M&E also be understood in the sense that the engineers working in the areas of design, construction, mechanical refrigeration system advice … for buildings in, the building, the complex …

The electric system usually constitute about 40-60% of a project’s overall construction, and are usually divided into 4 main categories, including: ventilation systems and air conditioners; water supply and drainage system and sanitary equipment; electrical system; fire alarm systems and fire.

Ventilation systems and air conditioners

Ventilation systems and air conditioners are the indispensable part in the building, especially in large construction works. Ventilation systems and air conditioners help alter or replace air intake on the side in a fixed space in order to provide high quality air source for the living environment in space. Ventilation systems and air conditioners are installed will help control the temperature, additional oxygen tabbed or eliminate odors, moisture, harmful bacteria as well as co2. When the source of the air is circulated through the system, the air outside will be put in, at the same time, emissions from the inside will also be pushed out, forming a continuous, help prevent the State appropriation of the air.

Water supply and drainage system and sanitary equipment

As well as ventilation systems and air conditioning, water supply and drainage system and sanitary equipment also is integral part of each work. Water supply and drainage system was installed and the correct scientific techniques, providing a source of water for living as well as the waste water source will exit point should be easy and convenient.

Electrical system

The electrical system is a network of connected electrical devices, used for power generation, transmission and use of energy. When designing the electrical system, the most important thing is to ensure the convenience and safety for users.

Fire alarm systems, fire

Fire alarm systems, fire are widely used in the home, the Office, the aim to prevent, prevent explosion incident occurred. Fire warning systems are typically designed and installation comes with direct fire system, which helps prevent problems better, especially in the big ones.

ME Group-provides products, electrical system installation, quality reputation.

The company M & E is one of the enterprises,

refrigeration contractor

 the current leading works in the field of technology transfer, supply, installation, warranty, maintenance of the motor system, heat, electricity, electronics, refrigeration, automation and environmental processing equipment. After several years of construction and development, with the successes achieved, the company M E & asserted firmly, and his role on the market

mechanical refrigeration


With a team of experts, technical staff enthusiasm, dynamism, M&E will commit to bring value to the customers, the product, the best service. The strength of the M E & is providing high-tech services such as technical consulting, supply, installation, maintenance, maintenance system technology equipment, transfer of technology, especially with regard to air-conditioning systems for critical works and breakthrough point. In addition, M & E also was one of the leading businesses in changing the method of execution from classic to help save cost, time as well as labor workers.


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