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Industrial refrigeration installation how to correct?

Air-conditioning equipment is indispensable in every family, company, Office or industrial … Power conditioning equipment is modern and has a high cost, so choosing to buy air conditioners and installation of automatic industrial sewing is a very important for the construction

1. Select the location of the installation of the air conditioner industry

Industrial conditioners are “hard” (fixed equipment), closely related to architecture and construction techniques. So, the installation of air conditioners must be measured from the research design: choose the type related to the capacity, form, the technical requirements of the system of lines, pipes, … then coupling with the architectural design, electrical system, drainage system to have architecture-design solutions and technical suitability.

With architectural works, the design and installation of automatic synchronization in industrial construction process is urgently needed, ensure the aesthetic factors, technical and economic problems (due to the appropriate system and operating efficiency , not be wear and energy).

Typically, after you have designed the system and locate the air; the installation of the systems of industrial conditioning is divided into two stages in the construction process:

+ The first phase: installation of pipe insulation system, the wire from the hot to the cold staging staging location, drainage system. Wired systems-this tube is often buried in-wall, or on the ceiling. This phase is needed before conducting plastered building blocks, or false ceiling construction. Note custom models that wait in power staging hot or cooler, or can go admit wire (wrapped under the insulation tubes) allow your fights at both ends. Conditioner is a device with a large power consumption, should necessarily have a separate safety device (breaker/ACE), the most recent independent or coupled system wardrobe ACE of the floor.

+ The second stage: air, locate staging hot, cooler, pipe insulation system connections, signal cable, power cord, with water discharge equipment. This stage usually execute before painting the wall and finally turn before making wood floors (to avoid damage). When installing the machine to check the pipe system, waiting to ensure integrity, safe.

2. Note When the installation of the air conditioner industry

General requirements.

Location of air are easy to manipulate. If in the position of the mounting difficulty to scaffolding and rope.

Requirements for the mounting position cold Bureau

Insert the cold wall up Bureau and balanced to prevent vibration.

Gas flow out and on unencumbered to gas can catches all over the room.

Do not insert the cold Bureau where there is direct sunlight shining on.

Insert the cold in the Bureau can place connected with the Bureau’s hot outside a the easiest way.

Insert the cold Bureau where drainage can easy installation plate and filter can be removed for maintenance, clean regularly.

Local conditioning in water discharge to the slopes.

Requirements for the mounting position of the hot Bureau

If possible, you should not insert hot Bureau where there is direct sunlight shining on.

Do not insert the Department where there is a strong wind blowing hot or dust bin.

Do not place hot Bureau where there people.

Should not put direct Bureau.

Note to navigate neighborhood restaurant because a can of air from hot Bureau blew on the window or cause noise.

Where the Bureau is hot, the gap between the wall surround with two Gables and behind the hot rig to ≥ 30 cm.

The distance of the wall opposite to the right 60 cm ≥ hot Bureau.

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