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Tips to handle the breakdown of the air-conditioning

Operate nonstop throughout the summer,


the temperature of your family suddenly emit noise, water leakage or even cold? You can test yourself and overcome before resorting to professional divers.

When encountering a problem, conditioners usually have reduced cold expression, water leakage or emit noise. However, this fact is common situations. Don’t rush to the repair center, please refer to a couple of ways to handle the situation yourself overcome this problem in the air-conditioning.

Undertook an air-conditioning noise

The noise can be emitted when the air-conditioning to boot. Photo: Internet

When turn on


the temperature, you felt the noise emitted when turning on/off the propeller or trailers-le of the compressor, then don’t worry. This is the expression operation completely normal.

Parallel to that, the start or the end of the cycle, the water flowing, then thaw and the noise of refrigerant according to the reverse direction also is completely natural and not in need of repair or check anything.

Melted water conditioner

+ Water leakage from cooler: bad water leak from the block in the House can do some of the following causes:

-Humidity and temperature in the room is high, creating condensation and water droplets form around the air conditioning. This situation makes you believe that the air conditioner is leaking water. At this time, you can be resolved when the humidity and the temperature dropped back to normal and stable. You just need to clean the air conditioner to be airy and dry to avoid rust when this condition is happening.

-Check the drains, drainage tubes may be loose or clogged causing the leak. Should be fastened drains and drainage work done to resolve this situation.

+ Water leaks from the outdoor hot Ensemble: same as for the blocks, when the outdoor block leaking water you should learn and test:

-If you see standing water on the pipes or the coupling then this is the normal status. So in the process of cooling air, water vapor will condense on the outdoor block if the humidity and high temperatures.

-Thaw process of air conditioning will also drain water out so you don’t need to be too concerned.

-A further cause of that is in the process of warm air, water in the heat leaks out, this is a normal phenomenon, does not need repair.

When experiencing leaks caused on you just wipe dry fin outdoors to help air works fine, durable and corrosion resistant more effectively.

Is there moisture on the gas pipe out

Moisture appeared on the air tube while the machine is operating in conditions of high humidity and long time will cause condensation of water status on gas pipelines. At this time, don’t need repair. The operation to do is just wipe the surface dry air tube to the machine works more durable.

The air conditioner could not start?



your temperature could not start Please make a few test operation:

-Check that the home you’re experiencing power loss caused by pause provider supplies or not?

-Check power cord plug or conditioner? Can the power cord has been unplugged or someone accidentally dropped the power cord out of the socket.

-Check the fuses there performs well or not? If the fuse has a glitch, please quickly turn off the power source, replace the fuse and then restart the computer.

-If you can perform the test voltage, check that there is voltage at the power level that fit the norm on this or not. Voltage too high or too low can also cause the air-conditioning of the family could not start.

-Check that the battery in the controller still or not, instead of new batteries and perform operation again to boot the machine. If the conditioners fitted boot button on the machine, try booting with the launch button to view your work or not. If the machine still works, then it is very likely the remote out of battery or a problem in the button click.

-Check the timer mode. You probably forgot to turn off or someone is on timer mode on/off of the conditioner.

-A number of cases, the air-conditioning doesn’t work due to the distance of time turn off/turn on constantly. Please wait about 3 minutes for the air operations back to normal.

Air conditioning no cooler vapor

-Check the temperature setting view was justified with the need to make cold/warm?

-Check that the air filter plate ventilation activity or not? Gas filter plate hygiene will help the air-conditioning cooling works well and more stable.

-Check and perform the operation through gas pipe on exhaust and out in blocks and blocks. Then, wait for about 3 seconds and restart the conditioner for gas circulation stability and better gas exchange.

-Conditioners can also not cool when performing gas compressor protection mode for 3 minutes. Please wait until this regime finished.

Mostly in Cool mode

When to regulate the temperature in the Cool mode (cool), you feel mostly escape. This is a perfectly normal phenomenon due to cold air meets the temperature or high humidity, this situation will disappear when the temperature and humidity in the room steady and stable return.

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