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Prevent crashes when using electrical equipment in wet season storms

Rain, flooding potential risk of leaks and short circuit if the user does not notice and correct handling of electrical equipment in the home.

The power authority has always warned, in the time of rain, especially when submerged, any electrical equipment in the House could also become a threat to members of the family. In particular, the power lines go underground or the outlet also leads to the risk of a short circuit, electrical leak danger or loss of power.

Do not use the socket in low position

Should not use the sockets are set at lower levels when flooded

A lot of families when the electrical lines in house design usually put the socket in the low position for convenience for living. However, this is again one of the dangers lurking in the rainy season, storms, especially when your family is in the area of flooding, flood.

At best, this should not be used and should sealed electric drives in the low position. If desired, use the socket in a high position or dry. Notes power lines should also be put in place to avoid dangerous electrical leakage when water encounters.

Pay attention to the underground power lines in the home

At present, in most families nowadays are using power lines go in the House. However, when rain and flooded the long day, walls easy to infuse moisture leads to infuse the status line, the line used, leading to a short circuit, leak.

In addition, the power connector is also a danger when they are prone to stick to water and we cannot control the wet condition.

To avoid this situation, the best, when designing power lines go underground need attention line along the socket must be high above, should not be placed in a low position can be flooded or vulnerable to moisture when the heavy rain.

If your family line have long used, when heavy flooding and the condition in the long run, the user should terminate all power breaker to avoid danger.

After the rain, flooding, need to check the wiring connections, the socket see the status of water and moisture can affect the position or not. If there are drying or drying and close to use electricity.

Experts on electricity, the machine also give advice, users should install private switches or breaker/power for each floor or each position in order not to affect the General activity. In addition, when using this electrical equipment should also be used to ensure trademarks and of good quality.

Be careful when using electric devices

Connect the wire to the grounding of electrical equipment in the House

During the rainy season, storms and flooding, each electrical device familiar in the family can be the cause of the accident is about power. When using the electric: electric rice cooker, microwave, iron, oven, electric fans, … need to ensure these devices are dry and works well. If this device absorbs water or moisture to drying use.

In addition, when using this device, make sure the dry limbs, drain to avoid accidents can occur due to humidity these days is usually very high.

Grounding for electric equipment


power conditioning equipment

, electric appliances or do not move up in dry areas as flooding: washing machine,


, the average heater, dryer, stove, … So after the rain, the humidity, users should also check the equipment before use. Best drying line and the socket connection before use.

In addition, users should also connect the grounding wire for this device (washer, heater) to ensure safe use. 

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