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The effect of exhaust fan

Exhaust fan ventilation equipment is used most commonly in the family in Vietnam. The use of correct and logical kinds of exhaust fan will contribute to ensure a clean living environment and enhance the effective use of other equipment such as air conditioners, stoves. Below are the effects that

exhaust fan

bring back.

  • 1. Enhancing the air recirculation

    -Stagnant air in the House will make your health problems, decreased ability to function, causing loss of ability to focus and cause shortness of breath.

    -Exhaust fan help air circulation in the House ensure the stagnant air is pushed away frequently, increase the amount of oygen have in the House.

  • -Minimize the virus thrive in families when someone is sick.
    • -Air flow will not cause the disease symptoms in the buildings. 
  • 2. To minimize the risk of pollution in the home
  • -The indoor pollution caused by the emission of gas and chemicals in household items such as washing powder, gas, smoke, …

    -The air is stuck in the House and can not escape outside

    -The members of the family will have to face the risk of long-term health risk, such as chronic obstructive lung, asthma, …

    -Furniture and household items will be damaged more quickly due to the gases and chemical impacts arising in chemical reactions.

    Such projections as wallpaper or paint.

    3. The harmful effects of indoor pollution

    Hair and other allergens

  • 4. Reduce the humidity in the bathroom

    -Humidity will increase mildew and bacteria

    -Bacteria will grow on the walls and slits, they have black and cannot be cleared.

    -Bacteria and mildew will also thrive in towels and hand towels (black dots). They can not be cleared.

    -Bacteria are not visible and causes cracking of the layers of paint and wallpaper, even ruin the item installed.

    -In the worst circumstances, the toxins can arise harm human health. In a few situations where the reproduction of the bacteria beyond the ability to handle, the House will probably have to be quarantined.

    -Low humidity environment is also favorable to insect and vermin in the House.


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