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Air conditioning systems for buildings have these characteristics?

Unlike the harmonic products of civil use in the household or in buildings, air conditioning systems are used for workshops is often the type of conditioner with large capacity, extensive cooling capabilities.


Growing economy, pull in that is a lot of factories, industrial zones were built, expanded. Along with lines, modern technology, the number of people working in the factory increased the requirements for ensuring labor environment has enough air, clean consistent temperature is essential and urgent than ever. Therefore, the installation of the system

Conditioner for workshop

ventilation systems, is the issue of the need to put on top of the design process, construction work areas, workshops. 

Characteristics of air conditioning systems for buildings 

Cooling system, automatic for the factory when installed must match the factory space, does not affect the inner layout even when there is a change. This system must ensure the spread on the whole space to ensure cold wind, the air flow can be rotated, spread all over the area of the factory, the factory. With these requirements, the equipment is usually installed power conditioner, conditioner with industry such as vertical conditioners, automatic ceiling duct …

ME Group-supplier of air conditioners, leading ventilation system

With many years experience in the field of providing basic products-refrigeration, to date, the TAMARIND group is proud to be one of the suppliers,

installation of ventilation system

, industrial refrigeration, air-conditioning in buildings, industrial areas, workshops … Including a number of projects, key projects that the ME Group assume the role as the main contractor in the installation of air conditioning systems, installation of ventilation systems such as VinPearl Hotel Phu Quoc, the Times Vinhomes City-Park Hill Customs Office-province of lang son, the complex Royal City, Sovereign house-41A LY Thai to, Hanoi … The product offering to hand ME the consumer not only be sustainable commitment of quality, service, price but also to ensure the best cost for consumers.



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