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Aircondition and things to know

Today, civilian conditioner has become one of the familiar to many families. However, not consumers would also be choices for her family the automatic choice.  Here are the things you need to know when to buy conditioner.

The line conditioners on the market

The majority of consumers are very vague about the origin of the line conditioners on the market. Currently, the market regulator has 3 lines of origin: import, the venture, now in the country. The automatic import can mention are: Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi, Shap, Carrier, … This conditioner types are usually warranted for a year for the whole of the machine, have the additional warranty on compressor 1 year. The conditioner brand ventures including such as Lg, Samsung, Midea, Gree, … There are usually 2 years warranty policy for the entire machine. The last is the conditioner brands in countries such as: Funiki, Nagakawa, … also 2 years warranty for the entire machine. 

What types of civil mediation

In the product line

civil mediation

There are following categories: wall are two common type is leaving the Department are many families use, wall type a hot cold Bureau Bureau used for the condo not much area latest hot Bureau, air conditioner plant has the smallest capacity is 18000 Btu usually mounted in the living room, air conditioning ceiling is often used in the Office, the ceiling duct type is usually installed in the Villa with the prior design.

The need to base the structure of air space to choose

When choosing automatic for the family you need to base the structure of air space to choose the convenient conditioner for the installation. These households have the external corridor should choose purchase type of wall 2 medium Bureau ensure aesthetics, easy decoration and convenience when repairs. If your family does not have space outside the benefit may buy a type in Bureau pretty neat window and save space. 

Need to identify an area of room and reduced conditioning factors

To ensure the level of conditioning in the room capacity of the stability


must admit the ability to eliminate the heat in the room. Usually, the heat of the infinite is often broadcast from two main sources: the heat of people, lights, machines and heat penetration from outside due to the outside temperature is higher than room temperature. However consumers also need to note that should not buy air conditioner capacity too large an area of Defense to avoid unnecessary wastage. With the time the room from 9 to 15m2 the air conditioner 9000 Btu capacity is appropriate, 15 to 20 m square, you should select the 12000 Btu conditioner, … 

Or you can calculate the capacity as follows: 1m2 corresponding to 500 to 600 Btu (no room for equipment for heat arises). The case of the House there are many glass doors or thin wall, being then on more sunlight should select residual capacity to ensure the machine is not overloaded when active. For the Hall, restaurant, shop, you should increase the capacity of air up 1.5 to 2 times normal depending on factors such as: the number of persons, number of guests in and out constantly, the equipment generated heat, …Should select 1-way or 2-way conditioner

Aircondition was one-way only cooling function is used in the summer. Automatic bidirectional is the type has both heat and cold function is used for both seasons. For the family of the elderly or young children should use a kind of two dimensional harmonic to be able to use in the winter when the weather is too cold.




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