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Wind mode effects of air conditioning

When purchasing air conditioning most people are interested in the sample code, power-saving technology that does not pay attention to the wind of air conditioning. The wind of air conditioning modes contribute actively to effective cooling of the air conditioning. Together learn the effect of the wind on air conditioning mode at present.

1. The cold air was blowing to the more distant location

You can find this wind mode on the advanced air conditioning product line, inverter.

2. Islands mode wind direction up

Islands mode wind facing up will help the island wind moving up above the ceiling, leading the cold air spreads from the top down and covered around you, letting the natural cooling and cheery without heat shock phenomenon occurs when you were cold blows directly on people.

3. Wind độngChế an island

mode Island wind automatic operation mode is based on the combination of the two functions at the same time the island wind vertical (up/down) and horizontal (left/right) smoothly. This wind Islands mode allows the island wing wind Orchestra spread somewhat evenly across the cold to the corner of the room.

4. The air more evenly in the carriage room

With the island wind automatically, the island will gúp the cold gas rotation are all over, and has the ability to create multi dimensional gas flow automatically, for cooling performance significantly increased. This technology is only available on the senior line, inverter.

5. Cold steel geared up for feeling good

This mode is particularly suitable for families with infants, pregnant women, the elderly or those with sensitive body with gas conditioning, help you sleep better and more pleasant.

6. Islands mode wind up/down, left/phảiCó to

say, the island wind up/down, left/right is a basic wind mode and are equipped with air conditioning line on most of the current family. This mode is the air conditioning make use efficiently. With the island wind up/down or left/right, you will proactively control the cold gas emitted in the direction you’d expect to be able to do conditioning directly the area you want faster.

7. Island wind help magnitud

e hơnChế fast cooling this wind Islands aid in increasing the cooling efficiency more rapidly, help the cold air output would go further in, increased surface contact area help room temperature to cool faster and more pleasant. The support of the wind also help you save electricity more efficiently.

8. RộngCánh line-oriented w

ing of the broad line direction is the wind direction has a special design, lets push the wind goes in one of the largest and most remote corners of the room. With the direction of this line, the cold air can be blown away with the ultra wide range, from the corner to the middle of the room or covered all over the room easily. From there, the whole room were enjoying the cool breezes flow in different directions of horizontal and vertical.

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