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How to use air conditioning effective and durable

Select an appropriate air conditioning was hard, use the copy for your durable and long-lasting drenching. Here are some note when using air conditioning to help answer the questions above.

1. The right choice of capacity 

Choosing the right air conditioner capacity crucial, if select your just enough or lack the capacity, the air conditioning will have to run continuously causing air consumes more power, leading to hot air continuously due to no time off reduces the durability of the machine. Therefore, you should choose the type of air conditioning capacity slightly higher than demand because when reaching the level of conditioning required, the machine will automatically disconnect.

2. Installation the right way

Installation of refrigeration

the right way is also one of the most important criteria influencing the lifespan of the machine. Air conditioning must be positioned at least sunny fixtures for, it is best to put air conditioning in a shaded place, avoid places with regular exposure to sunlight. To do so, the air will be reduced from 3-5 degrees C air temperature have to do conditioning, saving electricity while protecting the air conditioning. 

You should also follow the installation instructions of the manufacturer as minimum distance from the ground to the air conditioning is how much, absolutely do not put air conditioning in place much cleaner to avoid affecting the activities of air , put the machine in the place can easily climb up and reach for easy cleaning and maintenance.

3. Turn off the logical machine

How to use the air conditioning every day of the huge impact also to the lifespan of the activity. Should turn on/off a reasonably, when just off the machine that wanted to turn back then should wait 1 period of time then turn on the machine. When terminated air conditioning, should disconnect the power to the machine must be in order to prevent the leak case and a short circuit could affect air conditioning. 

Do not turn the air conditioning to continually

4. Do not start your conditioning level too low

Start your conditioning level too low not what cannot bring cooling effect immediately as expected but also cause many power consuming, wasteful and harmful air. Optimizing for that is to air conditioning at 25 degrees C when booted. Then about 5 to 10 minutes, then increase the temperature decreases accordingly as you like.

5. Not to the cold level too low

The lower the temperature, the air conditioner will consume more power. However, if the temperature in the room too big disparity with the outside will not be beneficial for health. The room temperature should only difference below 10 degrees C (7 degrees is best). You can use more electric fans, so the room will glance over and also will save electricity. 

Adjust reasonably cold help increase the longevity and health protection 

When using air conditioning at a lower temperature then the power consumption as much. On the sunny season, should only set the temperature lower than the environment around 10 degrees C is reasonable and not harmful to health.

6. Cleaning and maintenance regular machine

Before each use of the peak season (hot season), so the maintenance of air conditioning to ensure the operational capacity and avoid wear and power. The number of maintenance depends on the environment and frequency of use, better maintenance of air from 1 to 2 times per year to maximize the capacity of air operations. 

When experiencing any unusual signs from air conditioning without the fix, you should also call the electrician to check now. Avoid to your normal operation for long periods can make the damaged more, do the repair costs are also higher.

The sanitary and


full hygiene steps should filter dust, internal rotor, the membrane contains water stop cold Bureau …, chassis, check the power connection point and the possibility of wind circulation of hot/cold Symphony Orchestra. Also you can check the cold, the noise, the unusual vibration of the compressor, the gas pressure in the machine and compared with values permitted.


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