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How to choose the copper tubes air conditioning standard

The selection of copper tubes air conditioning standard fit with air conditioning is very important, it decided to shelf life and operation of air conditioning. The same article below to select the copper tubes air conditioning standard

1. Why to use standard copper pipe?

If the air conditioning when installed using the wrong standard gravure will meet a few following issues:

  • -Do Not be cold, hot, run the wrong performance … Each line should be attached the different air conditioning copper pipes properly, avoid the lowest point of connection, co gas discharge pipe is changed. 
  • With R410A gas lines, if the tube is too small, plus the use of tubes very easy to crack pipes, gas leaks. The main cause is due to R410A gas pressure. 
  • When purchasing air conditioning consumers don’t care much to theinstallation of refrigeration

    how, with materials, the quality of the installation of air conditioning that … for safety during use. Air quality, but the way the special installation supplies and installation of non standard will affect the comfort during use as well as the durability of the machine. 

With the kind of wall usually use the following: 

  • -2 copper pipes + 2 insulation (it’s best to use 2 insulation will ensure the machine run better) 
  • -Connection wires and match source (2 x type 2.5 mm and 2 x 1.5 mm) 
  • -Shelving wall fin (or bracket type to sit if placed under the balcony) 
  • -Waste water Pipe (hard PVC pipes or hoses depending on the terrain of each home or Office) 
  • -1 phase Atomat 
  • -Extra material (bolts, screws, book, tape insulation, electrical tape, Scotch, …)
  • 2. Use standard copper pipe

  • According to experts at the big studios such as Daikin, Panasonic, National … have a few specific criteria:
    • Air conditioning 9000-12000 BTU capacity: use two types of pipe has a diameter of 6 and 10 mm. For air conditioning often (using gas R22) standard copper pipe thickness allows from 0.51-0.61 mm.
    • Air conditioner 18000 BTU capacity: use two types of tubes of diameter 10 and 12 mm. The thickness of the tube same as above.
    • With the air conditioning use R410A gas standard copper pipe thickness minimum allowed is 0.61 mm.

    3. How to choose materials copper tube

    • The installation of air conditioning materials will vary according to the amount of use and depending on the location of the installation of air conditioning of your family. In the type of material, then the copper tubes are the most important materials as well as large in the value of materials and parts installation, approximately 50% of the
      Copper Tube gas guide is a … parts indispensable when installing air conditioning. The copper tube from the gas conditioning circulation of hot Bureau and vice versa.
    • When installed, manipulating the copper tubes often have many of these sockets Jack co., welds. Technical requirements set out in the sockets are not leaking gas (90% of the gas leak is the cause because the sockets).
    • On the other hand, after mounting process, usually customers use old copper pipes back however we recommend to only use back in the air duct was installed during the 2 years back to make sure the pipeline engineering requirements.
    • On the market do not have to install air conditioning supplies would also ensure the quality and standard of the manufacturer, where you select the unit always offer the best service with quality material and high durability.
    • You don’t choose for themselves where cheap ham the installation of air conditioning poor quality because “money would of”. Lead to the condition of its lifetime, making air conditioning air conditioning not functioning well as desired during operation.
    • During the installation of air conditioning are required to use standard copper pipe technique for each machine, the right capacity. Because if the wrong installation procedures such techniques will cause pressed block reduces the lifespan of air conditioning and when was the problem then call its warranty Center down then they will refuse a warranty for your machine.
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