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Should choose a one-way or two-way conditioner?

Automatic device is used regularly and for long periods. Therefore, the choice was an automatic fit for space, maximum power savings during use is something that is not at least the consumer interest. So you should choose one conditioner or conditioner 2 pm?

First to buy


 (air conditioning) you must review an area of the room is how much? From an area of the room that you selected are appropriate for the type of star-power, also you need to have a specific amount of money you intend to spend to buy is how much anymore.

-Selecting the air-conditioning by area:

 + Room area under 15m2 then select automatic capacity from 9000 BTU to 10,000 BTU.

 + 15 m2 room area-20 m2 then then select capacity of about 12,000 BTU.

 + Area in the room about 20 m square-25 m2, the then select capacity of about 15,000 BTU.

 + About 30 m2 room area, the select capacity of about 18,000 BTU.

 + Under 40 m2 room area, the select capacity of about 24,000 BTU.

So choose a conditioner or conditioner?

Aircondition, only one-way functions. On the market there are many harmonic carrier (air conditioning) offer different lines of air conditioning 1 pm: Gree Daikin, Panasonic, …

Automatic two-way medium and cooling effects can change the reverse cooled the air, keeping the average room temperature in 25-26° c. Some of the most common 2-way air conditioning: air conditioning Panasonic, Gree, LG, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Media …

Conditioners Daikin two-way

If you are in the North, then the purchase of 2-dimensional conditioner is most convenient by the northern climate has very hot weather-summer and winter the weather is pretty cold. Using automatic bidirectional will help your room cool in summer and warm in winter.

Especially when your family has both the elderly and young children, less resistance then the 2-dimensional conditioner will help balance the temperature in the room. Regardless of winter or summer, the temperature in your home will remain stable makes the family feel good. Moreover, use air conditioning heating mode in winter also save more electric heater many times.

But if your home sealed, winter being draughty on then a one-way type can be used to save costs.

If you are in the South, the only type of hot weather, the temperature is always maintained at over 30 degrees Celsius, the automatic one way is convenient. The air-conditioning cooling mode with 1-way will help dissipate the heat of discomfort, for you to be comfortable after hours and stress. With the weather in the South, the heating mode does not work.

Reconcile a PM

Today, along with the development of technology, the types of automatic energy-saving, environment-friendly constantly launches new products more and more innovative. Especially conditioners use inverter technology (also known as automatic inverter). By using the modified circuit type automatic electric aims to adjustment of the electrical parameters such as voltage, amperage … This conversion circuit to control the number of compressor rotation, leading to the harmonic capacity control. When cold or warm enough room, the air conditioning Inverter will automatically reduce the active power, to maintain the level of conditioning that the user had installed previously, so use conditioner

inverter technology

runs very smooth, made of cold/warm more quickly and save electricity than regular conditioner type.

Currently, airlines such as Daikin, Panasonic, LG, Misubishi … has launched a lot of products automatic energy saving, environmental friendly. The price of the product which is often “slightly” more than the type of automatic are other regular features about 1 to 2 million.


  • aircondition
  • Automatic inverter technology
  • Automatic bidirectional
  • automatic one-way
  • Automatic power saving

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