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Serious mistake when using the automatic hot season you may not know

Some seriously wrong when using the air conditioner below of quite a lot of people have contributed to affect the longevity of automatic as well as the health of the family.

1. Often close the door when using the air conditioner

This is one serious mistake when using the air conditioner. The air in the enclosed room can become toxic 2-5 times folding outdoor air if you regularly secures the door, so you should prioritize the selection of air conditioning products gas filtration.

However, you should still limit the plays open to cold not loss, but don’t let the air out of the room becoming too esoteric, be harmful to the health. About 15-30 minutes, you should open the door to the room is “breathing”, instead of a new air to the room. When buying air conditioners, you should select the line of new generation air conditioner, the air and sterilizing filtration for air.

2. Harmonic dimensions do not fit with the area

Many people believe that increasing power conditioned the better. But actually the air conditioner that is too large will not stop the cycle on and off, leading to more energy use and temperature changes are not comfortable.

If you need a new air conditioner, choose suppliers of automatic credibility, thanks to them the exact calculation of capacity to regulate suitbale for cooling needs of an area of your home.

3. Installation of air conditioners in the corner of the wall heater

Many air-condition in the wall in the room. Every person in that room so will quickly reduce heat. However, such a notion completely wrong when the air conditioner is running when the overload is to cool the walls too front to the air in the room. Therefore, your precision air-condition in the shady corner to reduce the room temperature, and then from the cool wall around. As such, the room temperature will cool faster, cooler longer.

4. Buy old conditioner: cost savings

Many families wishing to use conditioners, but leaving out an initial investment to buy the new machine is not easy, so they choose the option to buy used conditioner. However, this is not a wise choice, because the cost of the initial savings will quickly make the repair and the cost for high power consumption if you bought a used conditioner for long time.

An old conditioner will have cooling performance is not high because of the weak, the old engine, so a lot of electricity consumption to reach temperatures as desired. Moreover, the system of conditioning and radiator fin no longer as good as new machines should also yield will decrease. That’s not to mention the old model type itself has a lower cooling performance of the new machine and line used when long time then surely will have exhausted the power level will be very large.

The propeller of the air-conditioning of the old model are usually small and fan-motor design after many years of use also weaker should will not create enough thrust to radiate cold air all over the room. Old conditioner for long time using easy problem, failure and need constant maintenance. The cost for gas refills, maintenance, repair, fix the breakdowns will not be small compared with the savings are due to the initial investment.

5. No regular air conditioner maintenance

Not a few families often overlook the maintenance steps because the air conditioner operation remains smooth, no noise. However, the air conditioner should be cleaning and filter replacement 3 months/times. Cooling line also should be checked regularly to avoid leaks. If not cleaned periodically, dust on the hot air will cause long and gradually affecting the operation of the air conditioner.

6. Turn off automatic continuously to save electricity

Many people have the habit out of the room, though only a few moments, is immediately turn off air conditioners to save electricity, or have the case when switch to cold temperatures, deep, waiting for the room to cool off, then really air conditioner and turn the fan , until hot, then turn on your back feel at once.

Fact, it is a mistake to do more power and longer fast. When you turn your back, air conditioners have to spend a lot of energy to start the compressor, fan and motor to cool the incoming air temperature requirements. Since then the temperature in the room has heated up a few degrees, the body to feel.

Moreover, the constantly changing the room temperature will not affect good health, especially for the elderly and children. The ability to self regulate the heat in each of the other one, but with a healthy person to where, in the long term in an environment of constant change of temperature also prone to anaphylactic shock, which can cause the symptoms of headache, tired body , discomfort, flu-like, even the diseases of the respiratory tract.

7. Run the air conditioner 24/7

If you turn on the a/c all day will be very expensive power in no way necessary. Most air conditioners need only a few minutes to cool your House. Should turn on the air conditioner at a time in the morning to aircondition for cooling the room then turned off. And can repeat in the afternoon.

Similarly, if not too hot, you can turn off automatic when sleeping at night. Your body can withstand higher temperatures when asleep than awake.

8. Do not use the ceiling fan

Many people think of air conditioners as a replacement for a traditional ceiling; in fact, the two systems operate complement each other. Ceiling will help your air conditioner run more efficiently by moving the air around the room, in which not only save money on your electricity bills but also reduce the wear and tear of the parts of the air conditioner. Furthermore, the ceiling creates an artificial cold wind flow will help you feel comfortable in the slightly higher temperature.

9. To regulate temperature too low

Turn on the air conditioner at temperatures too low make you susceptible due to too high a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the home. In particular, the elderly and small children with weak resistance very easy headaches, sore throats, nose hole, … So often, the temperature controlled about 25 degrees C is the best.

You should also pay attention to avoid sudden temperature changes. Should not step into the room after conditioner from outside of Sun or just jog out sweat. Before exiting the room, you should stand in the door opening to a few minutes to catch up with the body adapting to the hot air outside. However, also try to move in and out on constantly to limit the body disturbed due to frequent adjustments to adapt to the temperature.

10. Do not change air filter

The air filter is an essential component of every air conditioner remove dust and debris from the air before blowing into your home. Sure, the air filters become unwieldy with the dirt when the air conditioner operation. Most air filters need to be cleaned or replaced every month, although some high-performance filter may take longer. Dirty air filter can reduce the performance of the machine and lead to problems such as freezing.

If your air conditioner have a reusable filter, be sure to wash it with cold water and let it dry completely before inserting it back. Try to clean the air filter. If you need to replace your air filter, contact an authorized agent of the company to replace the line with the air conditioner.

Source: health life

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