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Note When installing and using air conditioning

Now use the air conditioning the family no longer luxuries anymore. But when electricity bills, must also have the “distorted” because too much. Here are some tips to save your pocket money …

Choose your capacity?

Selecting capacity air conditioners must be based on the structure of the room as a wall covering, glass doors, the direction of sunlight, ventilation and climate of each region. The capacity of the machine is known as the electric power consumption of the compressor with refrigerating unit is horsepower (HP). Should have the phenomenon called air one, air two horses … For example: 1 HP ~ 9,000 BTU/h (cold capacity), 1.5 HP ~ 12,000 BTU/h, 2 HP ~ 18,000 BTU/h, 2.5 HP ~ 24,000 BTU/h.

According to experience, with Vietnam now housing structure, can choose to power the equivalent of 1 HP for the bedroom with an area of 14-16 m2, or for living room with an area of 12-14 m2.


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 type two Bureau, Bureau of conditioning hanging on the wall and the hot to the outdoors. When choosing to purchase machines, in addition to the quality, designs and prices, you need attention to after-sales service provider like warranty, spare …

Air conditioning how long must be sanitized?

Air conditioning, air conditioning cleaning periodically depending on the use environment. Use the machine in places less dirt, less pollution, you can have about three months to do periodic sanitation.

The sections need cleaning as often as masks, filters in the cooler inside the House. In this section the user can do by flipping the mask air conditioning, remove grid plate out washable with water, brush and then pieced in the correct match. Can clean or use a vacuum cleaner to suck dirt clinging to the side of the machine, the island of wind. The private parts of the fin also need periodic cleaning, 3-6/times. These parts when cleaning need professional divers due to use of equipment, functional chemicals to attract dirt, dirty substances removal clinging to fin.

Caution If hot Bureau were called upon when the operation?

Air conditioned phenomenon calling for many reasons. In the case of the hot conductor were called upon when the machine works, the more likely is due to the rubber heel has been the real estate Empire were captured or bottles should loose the ability to reduce vibrations, good vibration machine is no longer generated cries. Can also have weird animals that fall into. Noise may also appear from the Bureau with the following reasons. May be caused by too long not sanitized air should dust, dirt close to the filter or other parts made of heavy machines, creating sound. Also, might be lizards, cockroaches crawl in machine and die there can also create sound.

Fish, right after cleaning is finished, the machine works and create sound, you should review the process of installation. Can the assemble the mask filter not fit or ill joints make machine is calling for action. There are some squeaks that appear immediately after the commissioning of the new machine. That is called for by the wings of the wind hissing, so being Island fan speeds too big … These cases need to tell or where the manufacturer warranty.

The phenomenon of “oil trap”?

Some cases due to the location of the air is not so convenient to hot Bureau in the terrace or roof … Generally the higher the position the Department. This is the case if the Hunter does not have the experience of handling only a few days after the installation of the machine may be damaged. Because the Bureau containing gas and hot-oil lubrication, when your run the gas evaporates the longer the oil runs in the slope of the pipe and the cold air causing the clots form inside the cold, while not block air without oil lubrication. Experienced divers will do a oil cap (oil traps) by U-shaped tubing bending to prevent falling oil cold Bureau incendiary block because the Department lacks the hot oil lubrication.

Not to hot Bureau were “for the wind”

A note again that when hot Bureau put in place have the wind blowing directly on the surface to escape the heat of the air will appear the phenomenon “for wind”. Heat from the air to escape being wind blown back into the natural air cooling are not machine made and causes overheating causing frequent machine is turned off.

Note When using the

Using and manipulating air conditioning in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer and the documentation attached to the machine. Should your toiletries maintenance four months to use are durable and waste electricity. To efficiency and savings is important: heat ventilation to the right Department. Avoid direct sunlight on the air. Periodically cleaning the secondary filter and hot air in the Bureau. If air conditioning is at least still have to call the test gas divers in the air. Do not set the temperature too low. Should use the timer function and set the sleep mode at night.

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