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"Carving harm, benefit" of conditioners

The air conditioner is a useful technology, but it also contains within it the certain, that if the user does not know how it can cause these events to health.

The harm can be sudden cold infections, respiratory tract inflammation, dry skin, skin allergies, lack of breathing gas. Therefore, when using the conditioner tips should make the measures below to get the best advantage.

Firstly, no air-condition in the direction pointing directly into the beds, if the bedroom because of the cold temperatures are the main source of most in the middle line of the air out of the air conditioner. Your child can be infected by cold air currents.

Second, temperature adjustment, you need just to room temperature range 28oC. To get to this temperature, we should only regulate temperature maintained in the threshold from 28-29oC. Start automatic can use cold fast mode or 180 c but when cool enough, you must maintain this temperature.

Third, the moisture, it is necessary to maintain the humidity in the room. If possible, please maintain the humidity reaches 70% (can be determined by using moisture meters). However, in the harmonic environment shall achieve the humidity about 55-60% is good. Let a small pot or steam generators small level is enough for the whole room. Is there room for children.

Wednesday, thin blankets for reclamation at night, because the temperature is 28oC, but when sleep is less active, less heat is generated so the child can still be cold. Therefore, parents must preserve a thin blanket up young people from the knees to the chest out. To check the babies is not cold, you touch my feet, hands, ears. If the position that the cool requirements, longer if cool … conditioning should raise the temperature up. Note that only the people sitting in the new Republic thing felt the child’s skin temperature accurately.

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