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Conditioner or causes trouble when using

Next time use, many wonder though has bought expensive conditioner but still having some problems like flowing water, snow, are called upon to, and. So, why regulate or have trouble using?

1. Long days without sanitation, maintenance of conditioners

No sanitation, maintenance of regular conditioner is the main cause of the disease leads to more


. Even cooler and the hot conductor, after a period of use is a lot of dust clinging to. The dust in the air around, because the user carries on, due to the equipment of radiating in the room … The dust will cling on as thick and affect the operation of the air conditioner.

This dust is the cause of the air conditioning in the fresh air, affecting the health of users, especially the respiratory tract. It also causes prejudice to the health regulator, the regulator may be sticking snow, sound, stable operation at cold at hot …

Therefore, you need sanitation, maintenance of regular conditioner to ensure stable operation of conditioners, early detection of the bug’s failure to promptly fix, fix. According to the experience of the professionals to regulate the maximum time between each toilet, air-conditioning maintenance should be the January 4-6 times.

2. Use conditioner not properly

Use conditioner not properly is also the cause of regular conditioner has encountered a problem. The bugs use conditioner not properly the use or encounter is:

-Install the temperature too low

-Just turn off automatic with controller

-Out into the room too many times

-Too many people and equipment in the room

-Harmonic capacity too small

-Not often toiletries, air-conditioning maintenance


3. Error from the manufacturer

There are also a number of cases the fault of the manufacturer. This is the objective causes and also rare so the user doesn’t need to worry.

Want to ensure health for automatic, the user needs to know to use conditioners properly. Thus, the new conditioner works the most stable possible, less trouble because most devices will also be corrupted because of wear and tear after the process used.

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