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The cause and how to fix the automatic sonorous

In the process enable automatic, some cases regulate was sonorous, causes unpleasant noise. So why automatic call back? The following article will give you some cause and how to fix it when the sonorous conditioner

1. Harmonic causes being called upon to

Installation of cooler is inaccurate:

The cause of the first cause was sonorous conditioner may be due to the cooler is installed incorrect, possibly due to technical divers have not carefully in the process

installation of automatic

led to after a period of use of the screw, the rack was long out.

Can also do the processing of copper tubes have not been good to make copper tube distortion you will sound in the air conditioner.

Due to dust and dirt:

The dirt sticking to the rotor is not long on hygiene, cleaning, maintenance will also lead to sound conditioner.

Due to the cooler casing:

The cause can be caused by screws on the front panel of the air conditioner was loose. To avoid this situation, the employee before installation of the conditioner out, you must check carefully viewed cooler were installed correctly.

Due to the air conditioner fan:

The cause anymore cause harmonic sound that is emitted from the hot-staging cry, maybe due to something outside has fallen into in the hot conductor or unbalanced mounted fan. Can also do long days causes the rotor use should be dry and needs to be lubricated.

Due to the glass doors or doors in the room:

When active, the air conditioner will be rung in a certain way. May be in the process of operation, the air conditioner was on the door, causing the door sound. You need to check the door, installation location of the air conditioner.

2. How to fix air conditioner being called upon to

-How to fix it first is you need conditioner regular hygiene, periodic maintenance to ensure no dirt clinging to


. You need both hot staging conditioning hygiene, fan, Air Purifier plate …

-After a period of use then you need Lube for hot and cold high-pressure seamless staging.

-If the cause due to the door then you need to insert a plate separating the aircondition and the door to avoid sound.

-If due to loose screws then you tighten it again to make sure no longer liquid conditioner will not sound.

-Check the wings

exhaust fan

see dirt or not, have lost the balance or not. If so, you will need to adjust, for balance.

If you have checked the ways on which the air conditioner is still sound, then please contact the repair conditioner units for help, avoid to long corrupted error will worsen and you will have to cost much more expensive to fix aircondition.



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