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The device needs to have when using the air conditioner

The air conditioner is one of these devices, so when power drain of installation of automatic you should add these devices come with it to be able to drain significantly more power will help your work better. So the equipment needs when the air conditioner is the device?

1. Voltage stabilizers

For air


currently there are many types of capacity, each type of power back to the power consumption varies, so users should also select the voltage matching conditioner, such conditioner 9,000 BTU is recommended should use voltage 3KVA , 12,000 BTU conditioner should use voltage 3KVA, automatic on 18,000 BTU then uses voltage from 5 KVA to 10 KVA.

Air conditioners have two voltages is 220-240V or 208V-200 depending on the needs of use and the region have stable voltage. If the air is stable supply this voltage level then it will run and the normal cooling. If the voltage when using the air conditioner too weak do not provide enough will not be cooled, or do not.

Besides, the voltage is too high or too low may damage the machine or the fire incident. Therefore, in areas where the voltage is unstable, so use have voltage to protect the air conditioner.

2. Aptomat

Adds aptomat also help to make the process of dismantling, maintenance or at home is more convenient because the device easily marginalised from power source. The work related to automatic will not interrupt electrical system family.

According to experts, to use the air conditioner for the best, most effective, necessarily should use aptomat, because aptomat will automatically interrupt the flow of electricity when going on short, safe for users as well as other electrical devices in the home.

3. Humidifiers or is the steam propeller

To avoid this situation, consumers are encouraged to use more fans for steam or air humidifier in the room to maintain humidity. If there is no steam or high-pressure air humidification, users can use the towel to dip the water squeezed slightly dry or put a pot of water in the room.

When the air conditioner running “Dry-drying”, the humidity in the room will drop to a level too low, causing users to be dry skin, dry throat. Long term use will lead to a sore throat and headache, particularly with older people and children objects.

4. Exhaust fan

With the room air conditioners the not used

exhaust fan

, such as the rooms in hotels, motels, sleep, awake, the user will feel heavy, people, headache, a nasty way, numbness and shortness of breath. This was due to the amount of oxygen in the room drop falling, by the principle of the room air conditioner installation ever also. In the long run, if the constant is the air conditioner no exhaust fan, the user can suffer headaches or chronic inflammation of the Airways.

Some people believe that

installation of ventilation system

will cause power so often ignored. However, the exhaust fan has the extremely important role in maintaining the amount of oxygen in the room to use the air conditioner.

According to experts, when

installation of air conditioners

According to standards, with exhaust fans in the small capacity, fitted cooler, opposite to convection, air toxic out and change the air in the room. That does not cause a lot of power, but also helps ensure health, against the lack of oxygen.


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