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Construction of cold storage should note what?

Currently, cold storage to be installed and used. In most businesses, restaurant, industrial, cooperatives need to cold storage to preserve because it is an important thing to worry about role of the existence of your business, make sure the economy does not suffer major damage. Because of the large area cold, so when

cold storage design

cold storage installations, to note the following:

1. Select the location to build cold storage is the work of indispensable and important role for electrical contractors in the construction and design of cold. When selecting the location, we know the parameters of hydrology, meteorology, geography … from that draw out the design and construction of the repository for appropriate to make the project cost is low and the quality is the best.

2. The mode of preservation in warehouse

The mode of preservation in the repository are also in storage environmental conditions that we have created to maintain the product in the status and quality of on-demand technology.

3. Select the temperature preservation

Food preservation temperature must be on the basis of technical and economic. It depends on each type of product and the storage time storage time, as long as the low temperatures required. The East reserves need to preserve at least the temperature the temperature of the product after freezing and thawing to avoid avoid recrystallized back reduces the quality of the product.

4. The humidity of the air in the cold

The humidity of the air in the repository has a huge influence on the quality of the product when in use. By the humidity in the repository are closely related to the phenomenon of sublimation of water ice in the product. So depending on the specific product types which we select the humidity of the air accordingly.

5. Construction methods, design of cold

Previously when the technology not yet developed we are often familiar with the method of construction of the traditional cold storage system which is built by the building materials and insulation, moisture way attached to the inside of the store. The process of building complex, through many stages. Thus, today with advanced techniques, modern technology electrical contractors have the application of new technology in the design of refrigeration system using the standard panels on the background and frame of cold storage.

Advantages of panels

-The insulation structure details, how humid is the standard panels prefabrication, easy transport to the place of installation and quick Assembly.

-When the need to move cold easily, not damaged.

-Shed just the frame and roof should not need building materials so that the construction is very simple.

In addition, it should be checked and maintenance periodically is essential that places used to note to soon discovered the problems, take measures and increase operational efficiency for cold storage. Because if not regularly easy maintenance led to the environmental situation in and around the contaminated cold leads to damage to products storage and preservation as well as trick to cause harm to human health.

Cold sterilization must always be clean, for at least 1 year to ensure safety. The most important thing when using the cold temperature itself is in the arsenal must always remain stable, avoid losses, regular or temperature changes suddenly.

Refrigeration contractor

 said, the phenomenon of heat losses make cooling system is running with high capacity to do the temperature back to old levels as such will increase the power consumption as well as the cooling system were too easy to damage capacity. When installed in a cold should be avoided to let hot air enters in the cold by the standard insulation installation, when the installation of cold absolutely not to the slot appears, avoid placing cold near places with high temperatures such as the kitchen or area heated food.

By the use of cold storage properly and know the note when using cold storage will give users more effective as well as safe and power saving.


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