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The hot sun: don’t let conditioners overloaded

You often complain that the air-conditioning of the family can not cool enough to have lower heat level though, the sonorous or feelings run very “ì ạch”. Be careful because maybe the air-conditioning of the family you are overloaded.

Demand for air conditioning during the family’s recent increased mutation because the weather is too hot. But the ongoing operation, without causing more air conditioners overloaded and unable to cool demand. Typically, the air-conditioning running overload often leads to bad capacitor failure. At this time, only the cold hand blower works and air conditioning of your family does what no other one

exhaust fan

. You need to replace convergence deals with price 250-400 thousand copper options.

Worse, when overloaded, automatic can damage the compressor (Block conditioners). In case of damage the compressor also meant that the remaining components of the regulator considered “throw away trash”. At this time, consider about the call with the Hunter and the price never “sweet”. However, you can completely avoid the overload or malfunctions occur when know the causes and mistakes in easy-to-use habits that lead to this condition.

Installation of air conditioners in the corner of the wall heater

A lot of families often air-condition in the wall in the room. Every person in that room so will quickly reduce heat. However, this concept is totally wrong and easily leads to the condition of the air conditioner to run overloaded when had to cool the walls too front to the air in the room. Especially with the day the weather outdoors up to over 40 degrees Celsius, then work to the air-conditioning in the hot corner, the Sun was shining directly will cause the air-conditioning are continuous operations that still can not cooling enough demand.

Exactly, you should angle the air-condition cool to room temperature and then decrease from the cool wall around. As such, the room temperature will cool faster, cooler, and avoiding long conditioners overloaded when continuous operation.

Enable/disable automatic continuously to save electricity

Many people have the habit out of the room, though only a few moments is immediately turn off air conditioners to save electricity. There are also cases when switch to cold temperatures, deep, waiting for the room to cool off, then really air conditioner and the fan turned on, until hot, then turn on your back feel at once.

Fact, it is a mistake to do more power and longer fast. In fact, when you turn your back, the air-conditioning must spend a lot of energy to start the compressor, fan and motor to cool the incoming air temperature requirements.

Principle of operation the air-conditioning is when the room temperature is higher than about 0.5 degrees C setting temperature then the fin runs. When fin runs cooler, radiate cold make the room temperature from from falling down, when the room temperature is lower than the set temperature dropped about 0.5 degrees centigrade therefore, disabling/Enabling continual air-conditioning not only saves electricity but also the conditioners are more active due to thermal changes. Even easy to lead to power failure due to continuous activities being changed

Automatic continuous operation 24/7

In the days of outdoor temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius and sunshine hot fierce as today, many families use this constantly to avoid the heat. But whatever, let the conditioners have time to rest.

On the cool weather (morning or night), turn off the air conditioning and opened the door to catch the air outdoors. Similarly, if not too hot, you can turn off automatic when sleeping at night. Your body can withstand higher temperatures when sleeping.

To regulate temperature too low

In the hot sunny day, many families often have the habit to regulate the temperature in the lowest time to cool the room. Actually, when the weather outdoors up to 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature settings of automatic at 16 degrees Celsius is also “no sense” because despite how operations, air conditioning not cold to the heat level. Even if the heat level to continuously so low, this would be very easy to overload or reduce significantly.

In addition, the heat is too low level to also not good for health because the temperature too high temperature difference between inside and outside very easy to condition “shocked”. Experts give advice, whether the weather is hot, please install the air-conditioning temperature about 25 degrees Celsius or lower outdoor temperature is only 5-7 degrees Celsius.

A little tip to help you can see cool rather than using more electric fans. Wind of the electric fan together slightly cooler in the room air conditioner will help users feel much more cooler if only use conditioners.

Change the air filter

The air filter is an essential component of every air conditioner remove dust and debris from the air before blowing into your home. Most air filters need to be cleaned or replaced every month, although some high-performance filter may take longer. Dirty air filter can reduce the performance of the machine and lead to problems such as freezing.

If your air conditioner have a reusable filter, select the filter hygiene under cold water and leave to dry completely before inserting back. If carefully, replace the air filter in accordance with the request from the manufacturer to ensure the operation of the machine.

Do not insert the harmonic scaffolding opposite the direction of the wind

In many places the wind not offshore opposite the direction of the wind, by wind causing spread slightly and prompting the conditioners must work more to provide enough speed. Best, insert conditioners perpendicular to the wind direction.

Source: ictnews

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