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Installation of refrigeration for the construction

Installation of refrigeration in the construction, housing, businesses become increasingly popular, especially in developed countries. To perform this job well, in addition to the understanding of processes, the technical steps, users also need to understand the features of each product line as well as maintenance, maintenance for each product.

1. Installation of refrigeration to understand how?

Installation of refrigeration is the use of technical manipulation based on the existing infrastructure to create a refrigeration system space, certain positions. Refrigeration system was installed here could be the cooling system, or can also be the air conditioning systems (industrial or conditioner aircondition family) depending on the specific needs of the user.


2. Installation of refrigeration need to ensure these requirements?

Technical requirements before and during installation of refrigeration.

Before the installation of refrigeration systems for any construction work, the first thing the client needs determined, there is demand for refrigeration systems. Based on the actual needs, the installation engineer or supplier will give you the hints, advice in choosing the right products.

After you get the right product, engineers and installation will proceed survey, designed to connect the wiring system, appropriate catheter accordingly ensure the aesthetic looks, just make sure the requirements on demand.

Required after the installation of refrigeration

After installing air-conditioning, electrical maintenance, storm is also nursing jobs requiring the installation engineer as well as the user of interest. The subject still often encountered as dust stuck in the background wind, maintenance of the cooling system … need to be regular attention to timely handling, avoid unwanted failure during use.

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