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Note When using the air conditioning helps to ensure safe

In the process of using air conditioning must comply with instructions for use. The guidelines not only helps us use air conditioning properly but also safe and avoid the risks.

Please protect yourself and your family by making the note below:

1. Warning Danger:

If not in accordance with the instructions in the manual will use can lead to damage to property, even human life.

2. Warning caution:

 If not follow the instructions inside the manual may cause damage to small-or medium-level property, or may be causing injury to the person.

3. Warnings are not allowed to do:

-To avoid fire, explosion or injury, do not operate the machine if it is in danger as air in near flammable gas or corrosion.

-Should not correct airflow before air conditioning not long time because that will not be good for the health.

-Don’t stick your fingers or other objects into the inlets in or out. The fan is spinning at high speed will can cause injury.

-Not be arbitrarily fix the air conditioning,

installation of refrigeration

or edit the air conditioning because if the operation is not true will may lead to electric shock or fire.

-To avoid air conditioning broken quickly, don’t use air conditioning to cool the exact details, food, crops, livestock, or other work of art.

-Not allowed to small children, pets or plants to direct airflow improvisation from the air conditioning.

-Do not put the equipment to create fire from air conditioning air flow improvisation openings or the bottom of the air conditioning in the room. This can cause fire phenomenon not entirely or damage to the machine due to exposure to heat sources.

-Do not block the inlets, including the door in or out. The flow of gas into or not enough can lead to poor work performance or damage to the machine.

-Do not stand or sit up for outdoor equipment. Do not put any so what up equipment to avoid injuries, do not unload the fan shield.

-Do not put anything underneath the device in rooms or outdoors (this equipment must be avoided where the moisture). In some conditions, moisture in the air can condense into water.

-After a period of use, check the rack equipment and parts, whether or not failure.

-Do not touch the aluminum wings and inlets on the outdoor equipment because that can lead to injury.

-Not recommended for children or sick people use air conditioning without supervision.

-Need to manage small children not to grandfather paradox.

Use air conditioning right principles to avoid risks

4. To ground connection for air conditioning: 

Air conditioning must be ground connection, if no will can cause electric shock. Not cool wiring into tube stations, hoses, need lightning, or the cool line of phones.

5. Not allowed to touch the air conditioning (including remote control) when wet hands.

6. To follow the instructions:

-The refrigerant used in the air conditioning very safe. Although not so to happen leakage, but if unfortunate reasons would that make the refrigerant leaks out, the need to ensure that this substance is not exposed to fire or the stove or fireplace.

-If you see the efficiency of air conditioning machines do poorly, should use sanitary maintenance services air conditioning refrigerant have been leaked. When conducting this page air conditioning and refrigerant charging extra, need specific investigative kiễm the repair job for the technical staff.

-Not be installing air conditioning, air conditioning is not true will may cause water leak, electric shock or fire. So thanks to distributors or technical personnel to do the installation.

-To avoid electrical shock, fire or injury, if feel normal as notorious smell, need to turn off the machine and disconnect the power source, then call the support.

-To avoid the lack of oxygen, so the regular ventilation precautions if for air conditioning operate with equipment to create fire.

-Before the toilet, to need to shut down the computer, disconnect breaker or unplug the power cord.

-Do not connect the air conditioning with the other power source with the parameters in the specifications because the will may cause fire or other incidents.

7. Not to air conditioning in contact with water:

-Do not clean equipment in the room by too much water, only use a damp cloth.

-Do not place items such as water or anything else up on the device. The country will be able to seep into the device reduces the insulating efficiency, leading to diagnose shock.

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