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How to make the most of the features of the automatic

To take advantage of all the features of automatic then you should first know how the installation as well as the arrangement of widgets in the room also influence to the capability of air cooled air conditioners. The following recipes will help you make the most of the features of conditioner and use conditioner in an intelligent way.

1. Reasonable balance in an area of the room is set to automatic

To make the cooling as well as best use


a way to save electricity, you need to define an area of the room is installed in the machine. You can refer to the following parameters:

  • An area of the room from 9 to 14m2 should be air-conditioned 9000 BTU/h capacity
    . The area in about 15-20 m2 should have air conditioned, 12,000 BTU/h capacity. An are
    a of 20-30 m 2 should choose the type has a capacity of 24,000 BTU/h.

2. Check the gas regulator hose

  • Beforeinstallation of air conditioners

    You should check the air tube. Please make sure that the area has gas pipe running through the House is insulated properly. This helps the air going into a cool room as possible, increase the ability to do conditioning for the room.

3. Research to rearrange the furniture in the House

  • Before installing you conditioner interior view in house research is streamlined yet. If the furniture is placed as to obstruct the vents of the air conditioner and air conditioning air currents likely to unwanted location such as the back or below the roar of the widgets in the room then you have to reorder soon. Just spent some time move the widgets in the room air conditioner you can help maximize its cooling ability.

4. Installation of air conditioning in place not being straight sunshine shone from the outside

  • One of these small tips help faster cooling conditioner is avoid installing in a location exposed to direct sunlight from outside. This will help your conditioners start and cooled faster.
  • Specifically about the rig hot outside should also be installed in ventilated place, avoid the place inspired strong wind from the environment. The height between the cold and hot rig rig must also have a reasonable distance. You can note to close, open the window so that the light in the room really reasonable when need to use conditioner, this helps for air conditioners, unencumbered by the hot air flow outside doused in.

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