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The experience of buying quality air conditioning

The purchase was the old air conditioner with reasonable price, works well and is a very hard job. We will share some useful experience when buying quality air conditioning.

1. Choose a good brand

First thing you need to do is choose the air conditioning from the big brands on the market. You should also select the model, model, longevity and high durability. Avoid using air conditioning floating, of unknown origin.

2. Chassis check

Covers are very important parts of the air conditioning. When buying an old air conditioner, you need to make sure your shell was intact, not the fracture … You should also check the electrical connection point, if detected they were required to secure the welder back liquid tight and secure.

3. Check out the hot Bureau

Usually people buy air conditioning only noticed the cold, forgetting hot Bureau Bureau. You need to check the facts thoroughly hot Bureau by viewing the parameters on the Bureau to make sure the hot and cold Bureau Bureau is the same model. In addition, you should also see the local situation hot. Avoid buying the hot dusty several Bureau because this will directly affect the quality of the air conditioning.

4. Check out the Bureau of conditioning

Check out the Bureau of conditioning is essential for buying air conditioning. However, this requires you to understand the technique. You can check the cold air conditioning line Bureau usually by separating layer mask forward to seeing direct. The test is successful when you see two aluminum foil in cold Bureau intact, flat surface being punctured or stain. For advanced air conditioning line you do not need to do this because the previous mask is sealed so can't be damaged. However you should still thanks thanks store clerk or someone check to exclude certain cases hope owners.

5. Check the gas pipe welds

You should only select a gas pipe welds are intact, not yet been made. The original weld often have red are seamless, welded, and sharp. Weld over weld will have patchy color, traces the rugged welding.

6. Select a reputable place to buy

A work is also very important that you should select a reputable place to buy good machine. On the market there are many places to sell old air conditioning but also very complex. You should look to the store, or have relatives understand the air conditioning to come with select purchase and help. In addition, you can also look to the supermarket to buy the electronic return. Purchase order return in the supermarket electric machine will help you rest assured because skilled technical team examine the goods to help you. Furthermore, the modified purchase charged in supermarkets electronic you also get after-sales and warranty. 

If you still wonder about buying old air conditioner, then buying a new air conditioner is the best choice. Should you choose to buy an air conditioning high cooling performance as well as being fitted with


 save electricity. You also do not forget to select the type of machine with the ability to filter the air, antibacterial, deodorant to ensure health for the whole family. A new, air-conditioned with initial costs slightly a little will help you save the charges not later.

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