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Installation of ventilation system

Installation of ventilation system will help to make the air in the space above, helps to eliminate the source of toxic air pollution.

1. Installation of ventilation system work?

Typically, the installation of ventilation systems are often aimed at two main purposes.

Make sure the flow, the rotation of air in the space: the area enclosed space, restricting the flow of air with the outside environment, the ventilation system is a necessary job. Ventilation system when installed will have the effect of strengthening the circulation air flow, rotation in the same space and enhance the gas exchange with the external environment. This will help to strengthen clean air sources, pushing the toxic gases out of the area.



Clean air: when the installation of ventilation systems, air flow will be regular circulation, therefore will be limited the density as well as the presence of toxic gases in space, helping to avoid the phenomenon of asphyxia or respiratory diseases.

2. Installation of ventilation system?

As well as the conditions of each specific environment, the user may choose to install ventilation systems to suit the needs of use. Usually, the ventilation system we encountered the most popular installed on the roof, ceiling systems, basement or in factories, factory.

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