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Power conditioning system maintenance

Power conditioning system maintenance is the work necessary to ensure stable operation of the system as well as to avoid the risks arising during use.

1. Why should power conditioning system maintenance

For refrigeration systems (including air conditioning systems, cold storage, freezing cold …) after some time, the process of using the damaged hao and certain losses. This may be due to wear and failure of the external agents such as external forces, dirt or inner elements of the product. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance of the product will help users timely detection of incidents occur, ensure that the process is operating smoothly.

In addition, the power conditioning system maintenance periodically helps the equipment always guarantee hygiene, avoiding some common ailments for the user.


2. Requirements of the maintenance of refrigeration systems

Time power conditioning system maintenance

For household maintenance, refrigeration systems generally fall into the range from 3-4 months/times. If the frequency of use is lower then about 6 months/times. For the company of restaurants approx. 3 months/times. In an environment where there are many dirt time should be 1-2/month. For the basis-the enterprises of production time is about 1tháng/times

The work should take when conducting maintenance of refrigeration systems.

Check the parts of the system: this check will help promptly detect and handle the problems arising in the process of using as an exposed cords, trapped dust …

Restroom hygiene: parts parts of the refrigerating system will help new, sustainable products, limit the dirt as well as agent ensure health for users

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