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Installation of refrigeration system

Cold storage system will allow for the preservation of food products are longer time, ensure a fresh level as well as to avoid the phenomenon of thiu always box, damaged.

Installation of refrigeration system

Cold storage or be interpreted as a “giant freezer”, was installed and designed with industrial cooler systems. The installation of cold storage system will help the goods and products, particularly food is preserved for longer with no quality.

In addition, the installation of cold storage system is also the basis for storage of items such as agricultural products, fisheries, seeds, blood, milk, fruit juice, frozen food …


Cold storage system installation is usually applied where?

The installation of refrigeration system usually applied in so many different areas, however, there are some specific fields regularly need to cold storage system including as:

In industry: use cold storage in processing plants are very popular because it brings more value to the business. With the temperature conditions of cold storage, micro-organisms will not be able to continue growing because of lack of water, its decomposition process will take place very slowly, help preserve food products are better.

In biotechnology, Chemistry: the application of cold storage in biological technology can clearly see for preserving the blood products, tissues, cells, some types of chemicals, specialty products.

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