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The air conditioning system in the complex Royal City designed like?

To ensure a source of fresh air as well as ensure the safety of visitors, air conditioning systems and ventilation systems in the complex Royal City was the mechanical contractor designed according to strict standards the most modern technology in the world.

Is a “European city” in the heart of Hanoi, complex space systems with elegance, class, daily, daily Royal City urban area received many tourists to explore, visit. By that, to ensure a source of fresh air as well as ensure the safety of visitors, air conditioning systems and ventilation systems were also contractors electrical design according to the strict standards the most modern technology in the world.



Royal City is a municipality in the complex was designed with the smart connection between the combination functions with the public works a large mixture of ecological architecture, covers an area of garden , Green Park occupies approximately 70,000 m2.

Not only beautiful in architecture, Royal City also is a municipality have the very modern functional areas, with many of the great works for Vietnam along the system equipment, modern facilities. It’s the Vincom Mega Mall (VMM) Royal City-the first TRADE CENTRE complex in Vietnam developed the model Mega Mall international standards-“a destination-any-more options”. In addition to the retail sector, VMM Royal City spent a large amusement area with unique items such as the first indoor water park in Vietnam (Vinpearl Water Park Royal City) operates 4 seasons; Ice rink complex in Vietnam’s largest home (Vinpearl Ice Rink Royal City); World Games with games diversity along KizCiti-“miniature city” for children in Hanoi with the career play activities for children from 3-15 years old; World cuisine including over 200 restaurants; The cinema … Additionally, VMM has up to 72 escape along the Corridor layout system science provides convenient. In particular, if there is demand, you can move the VMM in Royal City by taxi service with the electric car designed fake luxury stock. This is a new service first appeared in Vietnam. In particular, the system of air-conditioning and ventilation system of the municipality are always people and tourists appreciate by the fresh air as well as absolute safety which the system delivers.



ME Group-official contractor for the air project in municipality of complex Royal City

With a team of experts, technical staff enthusiasm, dynamism, the products are used always ensuring quality according to international standards, the M&E Group was honored to become the main contractor for the project of installation of air conditioners and

installation of ventilation system

in the complex of the Royal City. Through the go into finishing the project to bring this international class, ME Group again confirmed the power, prestige in the installation, designed for mechanical refrigeration system works in points, is absolute trust users.

In addition, there is also the electrical contractor in the design of cold storage, air cooling systems, refrigeration systems.

Air products are used in complex Royal City urban area.

R1-Royal city building supply

Type of machine: VRV, Multi split

Total capacity: 36 million Btu/h

Provide VRV air-conditioning equipment for buildings of R1, R2, R3, R4, R5-Royal city

Capacity: 15,290,000 Btu/h

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