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Recipes using automatic save

Some recipes to help save electricity efficiency when using conditioner that you shouldn’t ignore.

Warmer temperatures at night totally “OK”

Night time, your body does not require heat level too low, cool even as day. Try to turn off the


the temperature when sleeping or off before bed time 1-2. As such, the operating time of the machine will be less.

Use conditioner save by the simple recipes

Use the window or portable cooling equipment

If you do not have the need to cool the whole House, please use the mobile cooling devices to reduce the heat for each area. Most portable cooling equipment consumes 50% less energy than air


the temperature when operating in the same space.

Sealed the vents

Usually, the basement and the ground floor is a cool place for in the home. So, the note close all the vents in the low temperature area. Cold air will pack down the place in a natural way.

Air conditioner maintenance

A few basic maintenance operation is probably what all the air conditioners are needed. The majority of air conditioners will enjoy a nice benefit when installed drains, especially as a filter against “disaster” from the external environment such as leaves and seeds were clinging to trees, making for a more strenuous activity 15%.

Check the air tube

Make sure the area has gas pipe running through the House without air conditioner (such as roof) be properly insulated. This will keep the air cool goes on as possible.

Rearrange the furniture

Furniture obstructing vents air conditioning refrigeration’s extensible and to the unexpected position as behind and under the roar of the furniture in the room. Despite these plastic pieces for vents to help control the air in the right direction, the simplest way is to rearrange the furniture in the room a little bit.

Adjust the temperature just right

26 degrees C is the ideal figure to the air-conditioning running at optimal performance levels. It is similar to a car are crossing the flat terrain, not accelerate to up the slopes or cross over the rugged spot, just take a stable way. Even if you only lose 5 ACC can also make automatic “consuming” more 40% energy.


Turn off the lights can help reduce the temperature, but you need to see how much light entered from open Windows in the House because it also plays an important role. The open window each day based on the change of the Sun can make you resentful, sorrow but your conditioner will very thanks to “fighting” with little more than hot air.

Turn off the air conditioner when out

When outside, always turn off the air-conditioning, closed the window and pulled the curtains back. You will definitely feel the hotness of a few Gospel back home, at new curtains help keep the Sun away from the House, letting the cool air lingers as long as possible and thanks to it, not too strenuous conditioner to cool everything back.

Don’t forget to use the fan

We rely on air conditioning to do more cool living space and has added the support of fans back as excellent. Use the fan to cool air circulation all around the room. They consume less energy than air conditioning, therefore, use the fan replaced when not too warm is always a great idea.

Source: New Report

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